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    Blocking access

    I have noticed that when trying to voice my opinions by Email, that a number of government official's sites have blocked responses from those who do not reside in that state.
    Can we fight this ?

    Also, Napolitano has no personal Email contact. The Department of Homeland Security does not have an Email account ? This is a blatent attempt to block critizism.
    Can we fight this too ?

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    Welcome to ALIPAC stymie222
    I run into those myself that do not allow your sending e-mails if you are out of their area. Not many of them though. I usually get through to most of them. You can try and call them if you have a complaint or just a comment to make
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    I use an address for their state and the applicable zip code. I take it from the address of one of the offices and merely change the street number.

    or send'em a fax.\

    I don't blame them for only wanting emails from their voters.

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