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    Blow by Blow: The Battle Between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

    18 Jan 2016

    Since the Fox Business Debate last week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Donald Trump have taken the gloves off in a battle for first place in the Republican nomination for president.

    Here is a timeline of attacks:


    Donald Trump: “Everybody Hates Ted”

    “You know everybody hates Ted. It’s a very tough thing. They all hate him for a lot of reasons, but they all hate him. And by the way he’s attacked me so when he attacks me as you know I’m a counter-puncher. You’ve seen a lot of people attack me and you see where they are. He attacked me first.”

    Ted Cruz: Remember When Donald Trump Loved Me?

    A Super PAC supporting Ted Cruz released a video featuring audio of Trump praising the Texas Senator for all that he had done in Washington D.C. – calling him a “special guy”


    Ted Cruz: Which Team Is Donald Trump On?

    “As the Democrat debate begins, Republicans have to wonder which team Donald Trump would play for,” Ted Cruz wrote on Twitter, sharing a past video of Trump explaining to reporters why he likes Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Donald Trump: Ted Cruz Controlled by “Millionaire N.Y. Bosses.”

    “I am self-funding my campaign, putting up my own money, not controlled,” he wrote on Twitter. “Cruz is spending millions on ads paid for by his N.Y. bosses.”

    Donald Trump: Ted Cruz Supported Justice Roberts

    “Cruz fought like hell to get Justice Roberts in there,” Trump said on ABC News’ This Week. “Justice Roberts turned out to be an absolute disaster, he turned out to be an absolute disaster because he gave us Obamacare.”

    Donald Trump: Ted Cruz is A Nasty Guy

    “Look, the truth is, he’s a nasty guy. He was so nice to me. I mean, I knew it. I was watching … he’s a nasty guy. Nobody likes him. Nobody in Congress likes him. Nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. He’s a very –- he’s got an edge that’s not good. You can’t make deals with people like that and it’s not a good thing. It’s not a good thing for the country. Very nasty guy,” Trump said on ABC’s This Week.

    Ted Cruz Defines Donald Trump’s New York Values

    “He explained in his views that he was pro-choice, he supported partial birth abortion, open to gay marriage, and his explanation for all that, he said, I’m a New Yorker, I’m from Manhattan. Those are the views of New York. Those are what New York values are, they’re not Iowa values, but that’s New York values,” Ted Cruz explained on Fox News Sunday:


    Donald Trump begins the day with a Tweetstorm against Ted Cruz

    Donald Trump Tweetstorm Against Cruz

    Ted Cruz Mocks Donald Trump’s Twitter Habits

    “That has got to drive him nuts, and I imagine it sent him out of bed this morning tweeting and tweeting and tweeting. I think in terms of a commander in chief, we ought to have someone who isn’t springing out of bed to tweet in a frantic response to the latest polls,” Cruz said.

    Donald Trump Attacks Cruz on Bank Loans:

    “He didn’t report his bank loans, excuse me. Didn’t report his bank loans. Say whatever you want,” Trump said. “He’s got bank loans from Goldman Sachs. He’s got bank loans from Citibank. And then he acts like Robin Hood.”

    Ted Cruz attacks Donald Trump For ‘Nervous Energy’

    “Donald’s record does not match what he says as a candidate,” Cruz said. “It seems Donald has a lot of nervous energy. For whatever reason, Donald doesn’t react well when he’s going down in the polls.”

    Ted Cruz questions Donald Trump’s liberal record:

    “Donald’s record does not match what he says as a candidate. I recognize what Donald says on the campaign trail today is fairly conservative, but voters are discerning,” Cruz said.


    Donald Trump: Ted Cruz comment lost voters

    “I can tell you one thing, if you live in New York, you’re not going to like him. He gave up about 20 million votes last night,” Trump said in an interview with Morning Joe.

    Ted Cruz Fake Apologizes To Donald Trump and New Yorkers

    “Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio have all demanded an apology, and I’m happy to apologize,” he told reporters. “I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let down by the liberal politicians in that state.”

    Thursday night – Post Debate

    Ted Cruz: Donald Trump Attacking Me Because of Low Poll Numbers

    “I think the reason is simple – his poll numbers are falling,” he said, when asked by Neil Cavuto why Donald Trump had begun attacking him.

    Trump: The bromance is over

    “I guess the bromance is over because he hit me, I didn’t hit him,” Trump said. “I hit him after the fact … There was no reason for him to go that aggressive.”

    Who do you think is winning?
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    Trump is winning. Trump is the better candidate on every level. Experience, knowledge, building, fixing, negotiating, fighting bad trade policies, stopping illegal immigration and deporting illegal aliens, building the wall, standing up to Muslimism Terrorism, self-funding his own campaign, better tax plan, knows how to get things done on time and under budget, wants to bring jobs back, concern over black unemployment, let Russia handle Syria, make other countries pay for defense, etc. Trump sees the problems and has the will and skills to solve them.

    Stay True!! Stay Trump!!
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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