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Border Patrol Documents “Disturbing Trend” of Attacks, Drugs & Human Trafficking
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Border Patrol Documents "Disturbing Trend" of Attacks, Drugs & Human Trafficking
An astounding weekly report details assaults on law enforcement officers by gang...

Border Patrol Documents “Disturbing Trend” of Attacks, Drugs & Human Trafficking

in News / by Brandon Walker / on August 1, 2014 at 2:46 pm /

An astounding weekly report details assaults on law enforcement officers by gang members, one bashed in the head with a rock, human trafficking, and drugs coming over the border, all in just one week.
Fox News obtained a declassified weekly report that details a game warden being hit upside his head with a rock, officers injured in a drug gang shootout, and criminals spewing obscenities and death threats before asking for, AND RECEIVING, medical treatment. This was just for July 16-23, 2014.
The PDF File Report published on July 25 is a shocking account of exactly what is coming over the border.
A weekly report distributed by a Texas state agency to senior law enforcement officials paints a grim picture of the Mexican border, where authorities regularly confront illegal immigrant gang members and draw automatic gunfire from across the Rio Grande, and where local, state and federal authorities fight a never-ending battle against drug smugglers.
The most recent Border Operations Sector Assessment report compiled by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Border Security Operations Center, dated July 25 and obtained by, details local and federal authorities encountering smugglers carrying millions of dollars’ worth of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine, some of which was found in vehicles filled with biblical passages and religious items; federal agents being assaulted and shot at; gang members brazenly approaching people in their homes; and ranch workers witnessing men crossing into the U.S. wearing camouflage and carrying long guns and automatic weapons.
“In recent weeks the traffic appears to have slowed slightly, yet assaults on law enforcement have increased. This is a disturbing trend that needs to be addressed,” Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Union, Rio Grande Valley Sector, told
“It is paramount that we get this problem under control. It is evident that we need more agents in the field to address the various threats posed to law enforcement as well as to our nation.”
The Austin-based Border Security Operations Center serves as the focal point for the six Joint Operations and Intelligence Centers located along Texas’ border with Mexico. Officials there analyze intelligence from state, local and federal law enforcement agencies in an effort to facilitate communication among them.
In the week of July 16-23 alone, according to the report, U.S. authorities apprehended 6,028 illegal immigrants, 4,152 other then from Mexico. Most came from Central America. But there also were people from Russia, Morocco, China, Cuba and India, among other nations.
Cabrera, the union rep for the Rio Grande Valley Sector, the most heavily trafficked portion of the border, was shown a copy of the report by He contends the increase in attacks against law enforcement and the compilation of such events–including the game warden assault that occurred in Cabrera’s sector — should have been shared with him and his colleagues. But only higher-up officials receive the weekly reports, he said.
A spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety declined to respond on the record; Border Patrol did not return’s request for comment.
The 83-page report for July 16-23 reveals, among other things, that authorities seized $478,879 in U.S. currency, recovered more than seven tons of marijuana (street value: $6.35 million) and turned up more than a million dollars’ worth of cocaine and methamphetamine. ~Fox News
Do you remember how the mainstream media painted a picture of all these helpless children coming over the border? Only two of the photos out of all the busts of those actually apprehended at the border had Juvenile stamped on them.
That’s not all.
We’ve been reporting on the growing Army of illegal gang members already in Texas that committed over 447,000 felony crimes which include rape, murder, arson, and armed robbery. The border patrol had some run-ins with them this week, adding new faces to the list of illegals committing crimes:
- The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office arrested 32 members of gangs that included the Valluco, Texas Chicano Brothers, Sureño 13, Texas Syndicate, Tango Blast and Latin Kings.
- U.S. Border Patrol agents detained a dozen suspected gang members trying to cross the border, including alleged members of the infamous Salvadoran gang MS-13.
- A homeowner called Rio Grande City police to report three men who said they’d crossed into the U.S. were at her door asking for water. When cops arrived, one admitted to being an active MS-13 gang member.
- Two Edinburg, Texas, officers were shot and wounded by a Texas Syndicate gang member wanted for murder during a multiagency, hours-long standoff in La Joya.
- American reporters were threatened by rifle-toting smugglers from across the river.
- Dozens of photos and mugshots of illegal immigrants – some of them juveniles – proudly displaying gang-related tattoos. ~Fox News
It is all in the report for everyone to see for themselves. We are talking about over 100 cars stolen with one recovery this week. There was over 5,000 pounds of marijuana confiscated. There are 6 murders, 200 sexual assaults, 233 robberies, 5,020 assaults, 944 vehicle break-ins, 885 burglaries, 6,786 Larcenies, and 427 stolen vehicles by illegal aliens in 2014 in one city, and we are just in July.
This 83 page report is mind altering for someone who has never been in law enforcement or not from near the border and thinks this is all blown out of proportion. We are not talking little three year old children running away from some bad men in their home country. These are the mean men and gang members you are being told they are running from!
Reply to the advertisements from the government offering to help pay for you to house these “children” and see what answer you get if you ask where are the immigrants under 12. Some of these “children” have admitted to multiple homicides and because they are juveniles, their records are sealed unless they commit a crime when they turn 18. That means they have no criminal record.
Every bit of this report is in the Border Officer Sector Assessment dated July 25, 2014.
Call your Senator and Congressman and light up their phones again. We need our border secure yesterday.