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Thread: Border Patrol Leader: Cartels Working With Mexican Military to Attack Us

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    Border Patrol Leader: Cartels Working With Mexican Military to Attack Us

    Border Patrol Leader: Cartels Working With Mexican Military to Attack Us

    As if their job were not already demanding enough, Customs and Border Protection agents and other law enforcement officials have had plenty of additional tension to deal with in recent days.

    Tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors have crossed the border illegally, straining the resources of those assigned to deal with them to their limits.

    Shootings across the border from Mexico, attacks on both ranchers and CBP agentsby illegal immigrants, and now the presence of armed militia troops determined to close the border at Laredo, Texas aggravate the situation daily.

    Now a Mexican military helicopter has crossed the border and opened fire on U.S. Border Patrol agents conducting a “drug interdiction operation” in southern Arizonanear the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation.

    No injuries occurred and Mexican authorities soon apologized for the incident, but not everyone believes the presence of the Mexican military in the area was an accident.

    The shooting occurred in the dark of night eight miles inside the U.S. border. The area is known for illegal smuggling into U.S. territory by violent drug cartels, raising suspicions that the Mexican military and the cartels may have coordinated the attack.


    “Mexican military are oftentimes working hand in glove with the cartels. The Mexican military has routinely crossed the border in areas that Border Patrol agents are actively tracking or seizing drug loads. Inevitably the Mexican military claim they got lost, that the border was not clearly marked, or in extreme cases fire on agents to cover their retreat,” National Border Patrol Council Spokesman Shawn Moran exclusively tells Townhall. “Ajo, AZ Border Patrol agents have had several incidents like this over the years where they have taken shots from the Mexican military. The cartels’ resources are nearly limitless and it would not surprise me if they “rented” the cover by the Mexican military helicopter in this incident.”

    A Border Patrol agent stationed in Arizona, who asked to remain anonymous, backed up Moran’s statements saying the Mexican military regularly works with cartels on the border and has been doing so for years.

    The money raised by illegal cartels through drug and human smuggling provides them with the opportunity to subvert military and law enforcement resources for their own ends. Repeated calls for the Obama administration to secure the border have been ignored, only exacerbating the problem and emboldening the smugglers.

    America has a humanitarian problem when a porous border encourage simmigrants to risk their own safety to enter this country illegally. What’s worse is when that lax border enforcement spurs smuggling cartels to new levels of violence against Americans, putting law-abiding citizens at greater risk through no fault of their own. That becomes a safety and security problem.

    One that the Obama administration seems content to ignore.

    Please share this article on Facebook and Twitter to help raise awareness of the dangers our law enforcement personnel are facing on America’s southern border.

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    When the border patrol is allowed to defend itself, and is strong enough to provide security in such perilous time, the militia will go home, and if they were already the militia would not be there.

    We still are not accepting reality at the government level adequately to provide solutions. However, they are great at complicating it further.
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