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Thread: Border Patrol Whistleblower: We’re being ordered to release pregnant illegals

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    Border Patrol Whistleblower: We’re being ordered to release pregnant illegals

    Border Patrol Whistleblower: We’re being ordered to release pregnant illegals

    Unannounced decree creates yet another federally-sanctioned loophole for illegals to exploit

    by Adan Salazar | | July 21, 2014

    South Texas Customs and Border Protection agents have been ordered to release pregnant illegal immigrants, as well as those who merely claim to be pregnant, an agent working in the Rio Grande Valley sector has exclusively revealed to Infowars.

    The agent, whose name has been withheld to protect him from retaliation, but whose identity has been independently verified and confirmed, told Infowars over the weekend that agents had received orders on Thursday to release female illegal immigrants in “ANY stage of pregnancy.”
    “At my muster yesterday, we received orders to begin releasing all pregnant female illegal aliens in the RGV sector,” the agent wrote to us in an e-mail.
    He also said CBP agents are basically working on an honor system with said pregnant females, as they currently have no way to verify that someone is in fact expecting a child.
    Pregnant females released in this manner receive “Notice to Appear” paperwork, known to illegals as “permisos,” to show up at later immigration court hearings, “just like UAC children and Family Units,” the agent claims.
    Below is the agent’s e-mail to Infowars in full,
    At my muster yesterday, we received orders to begin releasing all pregnant female illegal aliens in the RGV sector. ANY stage of pregnancy, whether two weeks or eight months. We do not have a method of testing for an actual pregnancy, either. It appears that we have to take their word for it. They will receive a Notice To Appear classification and paperwork just like UAC children and Family Units. I will look for an official memorandum to support this. This looks like it will become another major loophole once the word gets out.
    “Anchor babies,” born to illegal immigrants already inside the U.S., have traditionally been used as leverage to stave off deportation. According to the agent’s revelations, however, the Obama administration is now doing away with formalities – like making sure a woman is actually pregnant – in an unannounced attempt to release even more illegal aliens into the U.S., even though more than 90% of illegals miss their court dates, and despite an overwhelmed immigration court docket with hearings scheduled as far as three years away.
    The same agent had also previously disclosed to Infowars that, in his opinion, more than half of immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border end up doing so successfully and that those who evade capture are typically the most criminal types.
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    I swear I could scream right about now. Here we go again with more anchor babies, free medical, cheap housing and food stamps for all. All while we have citizens homeless and hungry and sleeping in the streets. This is absolute madness and has been for way too many years! I am sick to death of this blatant slap in the face to our own people every time we turn around.
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    I am very disappointed that Congress. as yet, has shown no interest in providing fire power cover for the Border patrol, especially when it is evident that they and Obama have effectively disarmed them! What a pathetic group of 535!

    More evidence athat our ENTIRE representation hs surrendered to subversive powers!

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    Sadly it appears that Congress is truly complicit in all of this

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