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Thread: Both parties’ platforms buy into false premises on immigration reform

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    Both parties’ platforms buy into false premises on immigration reform

    Both parties’ platforms buy into false premises on immigration reform

    By Guest Opinion
    Published: September 14, 2012 at 8:54 am

    U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor is correct in his assertion that the DREAM Act only addresses part of the problem and broader, sensible reforms are needed if we really want to do something about immigration.

    The problem with the GOP platform is that it endorses states’ efforts to make laws that conflict with the federal responsibility. The U.S.
    Supreme Court just said that such laws are not allowed. The GOP platform calls for mandatory national use of unreliable E-Verify and S.A.V.E. systems. It also buys into many false premises; such as all undocumented immigrants being eligible for federal and state benefits — they’re not. Finally, it calls for national adoption of the 287 g immigration enforcement program when the Secure Communities program has proven the better law enforcement tool as demonstrated by the highest arrest and deportation rates in history.

    The problem with the Democratic platform is that it calls for all undocumented people to be given a path to “citizenship,” which is a total non-starter in the real world. If it would have used the phrase “legal status,” it might have had something. It also buys into the false premise that undocumented immigrants don’t pay taxes, learn English or want to get right with the law — they do.

    Compared to where we were four years ago, we’ve made great progress.

    Both platforms call for guest worker programs. Both call for visa reforms. Both recognize that businesses need legal avenues for hiring foreign workers and both recognize that Congress is the choke point, with the Democrats rightly calling out the Republicans for being the roadblock, because they are.

    Change is in the wind. Russell Pearce lost twice. States around the country have rejected laws like SB1070 because they don’t work, won’t work, haven’t worked and because they cause more damage than good. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected three quarters of SB1070 and that last quarter will be shown the door eventually either by the courts or federal reform.

    Yes, we realize some politicians can’t accept those realities, but maybe the new Congress and Legislature will be more willing to listen to the facts over the hype and do something right for a change. Let’s hope they do.

    — Todd Landfried is executive director of Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform

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    Well this guy obviously didn't do there research. First off the Dream Act doesn't even address part of the problem but only creates new problems and makes old ones bigger.

    Also the only holdup for E-Verify is that its not tied into the SSA to check SSN's against multiple uses and correct name, age, birthday and allow go after the multiple uses of said number. Tie in E-Verify into the SSA and do full checks through the SSA database for multiple uses E-Verify becomes 1000x more powerful. Right now it only catches false numbers and if a number if a legit number even if owner is deceased or the same number is used 100 times in 100 cities it doesn't matter.

    The Save act is fine and any trip in a midsized city to the local welfare office will show you that illegal aliens are getting state benefits. After all why would there offices be full of so many illegal aliens if those illegal aliens only heard from eachother that they can't get benefits. Really whats the chance of seeing a dozen hispanics in a welfare office looking for benefits who don't speak 1 word of English all being Citizens or legal immigrants? I saw this in Michigan and Minnesota....

    Yes a path to citizenship is complete insanity. But really a path to legal status? Its called go home and to the back of the line. Any sort of benefit for an illegal activity just creates a bigger problem. This is why legal status or citizenship are both strong no no's.

    Yes we need a guest worker program.... we already have that with the agricultural visa. We don't need a new program that does the same things as programs we already have. This new "Guest Worker Program" they are talking about is just another benefit to illegal aliens.... sorry but no. We'll get those who follow the rules and come legally through work visa's. But Business's need to hire Americans first instead of looking for cheap foreign labor to import who is used to 12 hours a day 6 days a week and used to not being allowed to complain for a decent break.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReformUSA2012 View Post
    Well this guy obviously didn't do there research.
    Actually I suspect that his organization did do its research and concluded that having illegal workers is to their advantage and that they can dump the costs of welfare onto taxpayers who don't know that we don't actually need illegals.

    I also suspect that their nonsense will get published in the Arizona press and that it'll be up to us and other patriots to expose their lies - as you have already done.

    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade
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    52 days to stop illegals from stealing your vote!

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