BREAKING NEWS: FBI Drops Hints They Are Ready
to INDICT Hillary Clinton!

Kosar Featured Contributor

April 26, 2016

What’s going on with the FBI criminal investigation with Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a home email server? The FBI has been quiet, but now we have learned it’s for good reason!
As sources inform Fox News’ Catherine Herridge (below), Hillary Clinton is about to be in serious trouble!

As Rep. Mike Pompeo, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News:

“I can assure you the intelligence committee is working on determining the scope of any breaches that may have resulted from the improper handling of classified information,
and the damage assessments that go with them. I think we all understand that we had classified information in channels that weren’t secure on Secretary Clinton’s homebrew
server and that risk was associated with that.”

Then, Herridge explains how her sources are focused on how “federal regulations require damage assessments after classified information is outside secure government channels, such
as a personal server.”

Therefore, if Pompeo is correct, then the FBI is focused on determining internally what classified information was mishandled… Which it clearly was, as the documents included more
than 22 emails that were “top secret and above.” Once that is investigation is complete, the FBI will have no other choice but to go after Hillary Clinton.

This is a political earthquake that could change the entire 2016 presidential campaign: