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Thread: Brexit: Why The Globalists Lost

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    Brexit: Why The Globalists Lost

    24 Jun 2016

    Thereís panic in the skyscrapers. A popular revolution against globalism is underway, and Britain has struck the first blow.

    To the dismay of political, financial, and media elites, the country has chosen to put identity and sovereignty above a plus-one-or-minus-one change in GDP, and vote to leave the hated European Union. As with the USSR, the attempt to superimpose a manufactured civic identity over proud nation-states with rich and complex histories has run against the grain of human nature. The elites, so wrapped up in statecraft and economics, never paused to consider basic human psychology.

    Itís not just Britain, you see. The revolution against globalism is, well, global. Britain may be leading the charge, but insurgents and rebels from D.C to Berlin are also hard at work tormenting their elitist overlords. Fired up by Britainís example, eurosceptics across the continent are now demanding their own referendums. Itís a Berlin Wall moment.

    The unelectable and unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels must be pissing themselves right now. They are losing one of the biggest crutches for a fragile alliance of countries that canít pay their bills. (Fortunately, they still have the power to unilaterally grant themselves a monthly budget of 2,000 euros for trouser cleaning.)

    Here at Breitbart, we always knew it would be OK. After all, Britain has a well-documented history of standing defiantly against tyrannical continental empires. We defeated the Spanish Armada, Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler. We were a bulwark against the USSR during the Cold War. Compared to all that, the low-energy efforts of crusty octogenarian globalists like George Soros were a walk into the park.

    Admittedly, doubts crept in when Lindsay Lohan started livetweeting in favor of Remain. I mean, they already had Bob Geldof and Bono from U2 on their side! How dare voters defy the wishes of these philanthropic titans? Thankfully, even their tireless tweeting couldnít pull it back for Remain.

    Thanks to Nigel Farage, who has for 15 years been selflessly campaigning to abolish his own job (heís a European Member of Parliament), June 23 looks set to become Britainís own Independence Day. And, like he said, we didnít even need to fire a shot! The Americans started their revolution with the ďshot heard around the world.Ē The British, ever more refined than those gauche colonials, announced their freedom with a strike of the pencil.

    Needless to say, leftists are quite mad. Theyíre now calling for old people to be stopped from voting, simply because they wanted to protect the youngsters from having to dress in hijabs. Twitter hasnít been this upset since that gorilla got shot. France, of course, has been mad for a while: even before the vote to send the migrants from The Jungle to us if we decided to leave. Why? Are migrants bad? I mean if unlimited immigration is fine then thatís hardly a punishment, is it, France?

    Then thereís Scotland. For the second time in two years, our grumpy, ungrateful ginger cousins in the north are threatening to leave us. Scotland Ö famed for sucking up English tax money and for producing angry left-wing comedians and whiskey thatís even worse than Irelandís.

    Iím not sure many of us will be too upset to lose these ferocious European champions. I mean, thereís a reason the Emperor Hadrian anticipated Trump by about two thousand years.

    Britain made a clear statement todayĖ she wants to be free, she wants to improve. In short she wants to be great again.

    But what does this mean for globalism, the ideology beloved of cultural elites, banks, the media, academics, and Silicon Valley, that is currently under siege from Trump in the U.S, Brexiters in the U.K, and populists on the continent?

    Firstly, itís a total rebuke to the normal tactics used by media and cultural elites to crush popular uprisings. They must really be panicking. How could so many people not do what the media and their political leaders told them to do? Could it be that branding voters you donít like racist, bigoted, or ďlow-informationĒ simply doesnít work anymore?

    For years, global elites and their allies in the commentariat have tried to brand their opponents as kooks, conspiracy theorists and, failing that, as racists, sexists homophobes and so on. But itís not working any more. In both the U.S. and Europe, such tactics are now likely to backfire, driving more support to populists.

    Trump, of course, is the American version of Brexit. Little wonder that he both predicted a leave vote and, unlike Obama, praised it when it actually happened. Like Trump, every single naysayer spouts doom and gloom about Brexit, but both will be long-term boons for their nations. (Despite all the fearmongering prior to the vote, Obama has now rushed to reaffirm Americaís alliance with Britain.)

    Another tactic deployed by globalists has been to insist that they know their numbers (strange, seeing as the E.U. is economically haemophiliac and the Great Recession happened on their watch). Throughout the referendum campaign, they repeatedly told voters that voting leave would herald economic catastrophe. The currency would collapse! The housing market would collapse! The world would implode!

    These arguments were foolish for several reasons. Firstly, everyone in Britain outside of the super-wealthy wants the housing market to crash ó itíll mean lower rents and lower house prices for ordinary people. Yet another sign of how out-of-touch the defenders of Remain were.

    Secondly, predictions of economic doom are hopelessly off the mark. Sure, thereís some turbulence in the markets ó that happens after every dramatic political event. But to argue that Britain needs to tether itself to the likes of Greece and Spain to remain economically competitive is ludicrous. Itís like arguing that Israel needs to join an economic union with Palestine and Syria. Bigger is not always better. Britain, like Israel and other high-IQ, high-skilled economies, will thrive on its own.

    Indeed, Israel also provides a cautionary tale in the event that the E.U. tries to punish Britain for leaving. Tariffs and sanctions from the world market (which of course hates Israel) was what forced the small country to innovate into the future. So many ďexpertsĒ have predicted that the U.K. will founder outside Europe. Britain, also famed for its plucky, indomitable national character, will likely prove the world wrong and bypass Europe to work with Asia and America.

    But the bigger reason why what became known as ďProject FearĒ failed was much more obvious, and exposes a fatal flaw in the globalist ideology: ordinary people sometimes think about more than whether the economy goes up or down. They think about their nation and their culture, and what remaining in a supranational entity with increasingly open borders might mean for that. They think about political sovereignty, independence, and national pride.

    Elites sneer at these concerns as the foolish, provincial preoccupations of ďlow-information voters,Ē yet they are deeply embedded in human nature, particularly in the search for belonging. Against these primal instincts, the cold world of the Davos-men and the Strasbourg-men, with their identical suits and their obsession with GDP, simply canít compete.

    Itís simple when you think about it. On a personal level, is money the most important thing to you? Itís important, yes, but only the most obsessive city trader would say itís the most important thing. Sometimes you have to give it up for the things you care about, like your country. Churchill famously promised only ďblood, sweat and tearsĒ during his premiership, and the Brits loved him for it.

    So why did the Remain camp think that the threat of a little economic turbulence would be enough to frighten voters? The idea of sacrificing a little bit of material comfort to defend something greater, like national sovereignty, is alien to todayís global elites. Thatís why they didnít understand their opponents, and thatís why they lost.

    This is the fatal weakness of globalists. They donít understand, and in fact sometimes loathe, the idea of difference. These are people, remember, who regardless of their cultural and national background went to the same internationally-renowned universities, interned at the same multinational banks, and attend the same international summits. For them, there really is no difference between the globalist from London and the globalist from Istanbul. They look the same, speak the same, and when they meet, they likely reminisce about the same experiences. From Strasbourg to Dubai to Davos, globalism is a nation unto itself.

    So itís little wonder that these people just donít understand why the plebs back home are so attached to their national identities, and will fight so hard to defend them. Theyíre constantly frustrated that their voters wonít get with the program, put down their flags, and become faceless, rootless members of a global society. We predict they will continue to be frustrated.

    The blindness of globalists to difference has been disastrous to western culture. The refusal of elites to acknowledge, for instance, that the Muslim world is dominated by one of the most hate-filled, bigoted ideologies in human history is a major reason for their current predicament, and certainly a motivating force behind Brexit.

    Angela Merkelís policy of importing millions of Muslims to Europe is an act of cultural suicide. Itís much like a capitalist country opening its borders to millions of working-class Russians in 1917. Sure, they might not all be Bolsheviks, but itís still not a clever thing to do. Merkel herself looks more like Dr. Evil every day, with a worse hairdo.

    But even if Islamic countries had peaceful cultures, the British people would still rebel at having to accept millions of people from foreign cultures hostile to assimilation. Because that would still be a challenge to their distinctiveness ó the connection between national identity, national sovereignty, and a culture built up over thousands of years.

    For millions of increasingly angry, and freshly politically motivated people, thatís more important than the strength of the pound. And thatís why the globalists will lose.
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    Yes, the gig of the false song of globalism has been exposed and the people of all nations are standing up for their own nations, their own economies, their own jobs, their own sovereignty, and their own freedom, independence, welfare and happiness.

    My dear friends of ALIPAC, we're in our 12th year together, many of US, and what a joyful day today has been. Do you all remember when we posted and posted against the EU Constitution? And France was the first to defeat it, and how happy we were? And the Brits said, well hell, if France doesn't want it, we sure as hell don't either. Then the Dutch defeated it and the Spanish I think too.

    Without France, the EU Constitution may have passed, who knows? And if it had, then today's victory wouldn't have even been an option for the UK.

    We will defeat globalism. But we need help from other nations. And wow, did the Brits come through fast and furious! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, our dear friends across the pond, and thank you France, our dear French friends for leading the way to defeat the EU Constitution that kept today an option for the countries of Europe.
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