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Thread: Brooks: Not a single voter was swayed by media’s Russia hysteria

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    Brooks: Not a single voter was swayed by media’s Russia hysteria

    Brooks: Not a single voter was swayed by media’s Russia hysteria

    Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks is pushing back against Clinton campaign warnings that Russia could have changed the outcome of November’s election.

    During an appearance on MSNBC, Rep. Brooks told host Katy Tur that he was skeptical of the narrative over reported cyber attacks, and whether or not they could have had the large-scale impact that some seem concerned over.

    “Can you name one voter who changed their mind on how they were gonna vote, on Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, as a result of these allegations of improper involvement with these internet communications on the part of the Democrats? I don’t know of a single voter who changed their mind one way or the other,” Rep. Brooks said.
    Brooks, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, Science, Space, and Technology Committee, and the Foreign Affairs Committee, acknowledged that bad actors and hostile nations should “pay a price” following an attempt to interfere with American security. However, he cautioned against reading too much into current reports until full facts are known.

    “Sometimes our intelligence community is right, and sometimes they’re wrong, and sometimes they are acting on judgment, which means they’re giving the best conclusions they can under the best evidence they have,” Rep. Brooks said. “In this particular instance, what’s happening particularly in the news media, is we have these discussions based on rumor and hearsay. What I want to do is to see the actual hard evidence that the FBI may have, that the CIA may have, so that we as policymakers can make an appropriate decision.”

    Ultimately, the Congressman says that he believes the Trump Administration will take an active approach in defending the nation’s online security interests.

    “I’m quite confident that this Administration, along with Congress, will continue to do what it can to protect internet communications,” Brooks added.
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    This whole Russian Hacking thing is fake news, a complete hoax.
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    It is a hoax, I believe, and I believe it is designed to keep the emphasis on Russia and not the contents of the emails - which to me seem beyond the pale.

    Also, I think if they continue to harp on this over and over and over again, soon people will tire of it and no one will want to even discuss the contents of the emails.

    All the emails should be given to law enforcement (after PE Trump's new people get in office) , with no redactions, nothing held back. An entire picture needs to made by linking all emails that made it to her or her minions.

    Then she should be charged, and anyone else that was involved - government employees or not.
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