Brother of Slain Border Agent Brian Terry Calls Holder a Coward

Posted on 7 February, 2014 by Rick Wells

Border Patrol agent Brian Terry died in a gunfight with smugglers in the Arizona desert. As we have learned since, the weapon that killed him was one that was allowed by the ATF to have been purchased in what they claim to have been a botched “gun-walking” program, Fast and Furious.
The brother of Agent Terry, Kent Terry, has written a scathing letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding answers and for someone to be held accountable for what happened.
Kent Terry has had enough of the cover up and delay tactics and is obviously very frustrated that after more than four years Holder still refuses to hold anyone in the ATF responsible for his brother’s death.
Terry wrote, “It is shocking to know that the Attorney General of the United States had no knowledge or was not made aware of Fast and Furious until after the death of my brother, Brian Terry.” By use of the word “shocking” the letter seems to be indicating his disbelief.
As one of the many serious scandals which are clamoring for attention from a reluctant media and an evasive executive branch, Terry fears that the events which took the life of his brother could be forgotten.
He is doing his best to prevent that from happening, and his letter is reflective of that effort.
The Obama administration is playing obstructionist at every turn, in what appears to many to be a deliberate cover-up of criminality. In the course of that obstruction, Holder became the first attorney general in the history of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress.
In his letter, Terry labels Holder a “coward of an attorney general” and demands that he honor his oath of office.
Terry asks, “Why hide behind executive privilege? … Somewhere deep inside you must have some conscience; do the honorable thing and have some integrity as an attorney general.”
He closed with a simple request, “So I ask you: stop misleading my family and the American people. Stop obstruction of justice.”
It appears that it will take more than an appeal to Holder’s conscience and negligible integrity. There is a lot of obstruction in this Justice Department and a lot to hide.

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