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    Bush aligned with Open Border Group promoting Anarchists

    Maybe congressmen and senators would be interested to know that this is the type of group whose objectives are the same as those of Bush, Kennedy and McCain. On their website they promote an Anarchist bookfair and disruptive protests of the G8 Summit. It's scary when we have elected people who, in principal, agree with the outlook of people who promote lawlessness.

    12th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair
    (event)(4 days)

    Dissent G8! USA Infotour Schedule
    (event)(33 days)

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    The project was begun, and is maintained by the o.r.g.a.n.i.c. collective and the borderlands hacklab in San Diego, California. The content of is contributed by numerous organizers, hackers and bloggers in the US, Canada and Mexico.
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    Well of course, you have seen how it is with Tom Potter and these people haven't you (how could it escape even a dead persons attention)? Tom Potter was also the one, with pressure form these radical groups, who insisted that if he personally could not oversee and approve of the FBI's local work here, that Portland would pull out of the JTTF. Smart man considering this is the city where there was a major raid of a major local mosque (the "Portland Seven"?).
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