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Thread: BUSTED: Anti-Trump Puerto Rican Mayor Supported Terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera

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    BUSTED: Anti-Trump Puerto Rican Mayor Supported Terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera

    BUSTED: Anti-Trump Puerto Rican Mayor Supported Terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera

    SEP 30, 2017 by


    Carmen Yulin Cruz, the anti-Trump Mayor of San Juan who has used the national spotlight of Hurricane Maria to attack Trump, has a long history of supporting convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, a Puerto Rican radical who ran a paramilitary group that waged war against the United States.

    Since May 29th, 2012, Cruz has used her official Twitter account 49 times to lend support to Lopez, a man arrested by the United States government in May of 1981 for seditious conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to transport explosives to destroy government property, among other charges. Later that year, Lopez was sentenced to 55 years in jail for his various crimes.

    Moreover, it appears Cruz is more than just a supporter of Rivera’s; she appears to be a personal friend of his. On May 29th, 2016, Cruz posted a tribute to Rivera, and wrote “for a great friend, a great patriot: for you Oscar Lopez Rivera.”:

    YouTube ‎@YouTube

    Indeed, Cruz and Lopez appear to be not just friends, but close friends. Several months after President Obama commuted Rivera’s sentence just before he left office, a decision so bizarre even CNN’s Jake Tapper didn’t understand it, Cruz tweeted a selfie of herself with a man who closely resembles Rivera, with the caption reading “Welcome #OscarLopez”:

    However, this is hardly surprising, given her long history of using her political clout to advocate on the convicted terrorist’s behalf. On September 20th, 2012, Cruz tweeted a picture of herself posing with street art of Rivera, writing “Free Oscar Lopez Rivera.”:


    Carmen Yulín Cruz

    Arte solidario encontrado ayer por las calles del Precinto 2. "La vida es lucha toda". Libertad a Oscar López Rivera.
    9:29 AM - Sep 30, 2012

    On May 29th, 2014, Cruz tweeted a picture of herself at a “national walk” for the convicted terrorist, sporting a shirt with his face on it:


    Carmen Yulín Cruz

    SIn banderas ni partidos ...Abel Nazario tambien marcho por la excarcelación de Oscar Lopez. Gracias!!
    6:58 PM - May 29, 2014

    On May 27th, 2015, Cruz tweeted a picture of herself and a friend wearing shirts that read “FREE OSCAR LOPEZ RIVERA NOW!”:

    Carmen Yulín Cruz

    En NY o SJ la lucha por la liberación de Oscar Lopez sigue firme! Hasta que regrese a casa.
    8:36 PM - May 27, 2015

    Apparently, she is so close with Rivera that he actually painted a picture of her from his prison cell, per this tweet from June 5th, 2016:


    Carmen Yulín Cruz

    Este cuadro lo pintó Oscar López Rivera. Le pedi permiso para ponerlo en mi comité que es la casa de todos...
    4:58 PM - Jun 5, 2016

    On June 28th, 2016, she tweeted at then-President Obama that it is “a moral imperative for you to free Oscar Lopez Rivera,” and earlier called it a “human rights issue.”

    In addition, Cruz was an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter during the Presidential election, tweeting the day before the election that Trump does not deserve to be president:
    7 Nov
    Hillary Clinton

    "Today, I'm asking for your vote. Tomorrow, let's make history together." —Hillary

    Carmen Yulín Cruz

    He tenido mis diferencias con ella y las sostengo pero no puedo negar que está preparada y que Trump no merece ser Pres.
    12:33 PM - Nov 7, 2016

    She has also appeared with Senator Bernie Sanders in support of the anti-American terrorist:


    Jack Posobiec

    Mayor of San Juan and Bernie Sanders calling to free confessed terrorist Oscar Riviera
    9:01 AM - Sep 30, 2017

    Stay tuned for more.
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    What a bunch of crooks - is that Guiterras in the back? PR has been operating for years on our welfare system, free to move to the US anytime they want to be on the dole here and take jobs too, SSI etc. The island's politicians misuse funds and actually are commie/terrorists supporters - Oh yes, we pay for all of it! It should be a tourist island paradise as the other area islands are raking in the $$$$.

    Goofy obama pardons rivera and tried to make Cuba a friend when they are not friendly or trustworthy. Believe he intended to send cubans here enmass to be on the dole too. At least Cuba displayed a screw you attitude, leaving obama at the airport with no one to greet him in his cuba visit. Except for those with scruples, these people are using America! Take take, no give-give is their motto. And commie bernie is right there.
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    Too bad she is such a poor leader; she can't help her people. Why didn't she capitalize on San Juan as a could be major tourist destination and rake in the dough? She was too busy posing for photos with terrorists. Did she make any provisions for such storms that are happening now and in the future? NO!

    Puerto Rico: Trump lashes out at San Juan mayor over Maria response

    Donald Trump has lashed out at Puerto Rico politicians over their criticism of US relief efforts on the island following Hurricane Maria.

    The category four hurricane a week ago killed 16 people on the island and left millions in need of aid.

    In a series of tweets, Trump said that Puerto Rican officials showed "poor leadership ability" and "want everything to be done for them".
    twitter string at link

    It comes after the Mayor of San Juan made a desperate plea for federal help.
    "We have no time for patience any more," Carmen Yulin Cruz said in a news conference.
    "I am asking the president of the United States to make sure somebody is in charge that is up to the task of saving lives.
    "I am done being polite. I am done being politically correct. I am mad as hell."

    She then appeared in a T-shirt that said "Help us, we're dying" for a CNN television interview.

    The mayor, who is living in a shelter after her home was destroyed, said Puerto Rico is set to be without power for six to eight months after the storm damaged 90% of homes on the island.
    More bad weather is in the offing, with the National Weather Service in San Juan warning that a strong thunderstorm would imminently affect the east of the island, with torrential rain and strong winds expected.
    Almost half the island's 3.4 million population are without drinking water, the US Defence Department said on Thursday.
    Efforts are being made on the island to clear road access and restore hospitals to working conditions.

    In a series of tweets on Saturday morning, Trump suggested the mayor had been told "to be nasty to Trump" by his Democratic opposition.

    He also said he would visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday with the First Lady, Melania.

    It follows widespread criticism of his administration's response to the hurricane.
    Responding to Trump's tweets in an interview the mayor said: "I was asking for help. I wasn't saying anything nasty about the president."

    Image caption The San Juan mayor has been vocal about the island's need for federal aid "I will continue to do what I have to do, say what I have to say, compliment the people that I have to compliment, and call out the people that I need to call out.

    "This isn't about me. This isn't about anyone. This is about lives that are being lost."
    On Thursday the President announced shipping restrictions had been lifted to help provide aid to the island.

    The US military general in charge of the relief operation said on Friday that about 4,500 troops were already involved.

    The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) said 95% of the island remained without power and 55% of people did not yet have access to drinking water, but that most petrol stations had reopened.
    Concerns were raised on Thursday that thousands of shipping containers of aid were sitting in a San Juan undistributed. Ground transportation has been hindered by a lack of fuel and blocked roads.
    The US navy has deployed a hospital ship and has assigned engineers to repair the island's damaged power grid, the US Department of Defense said on Friday.
    Puerto Rico is a US territory but does not have direct voting representation.

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    She's a silly DemoQuack way in over her head. "We're dying" as she stands in a warehouse full of supplies waiting for someone to come get them or deliver them to someone who needs them. The Puerto Rican people are perfectly capable of getting their own supplies. Disaster Relief isn't room service. She is in San Juan where the stores are open, the streets are dry, gas stations are open, people are driving on the streets, stores have supplies, banks are open.

    People need to get to work, show up at your job at the police station where you work, show up at the dispatch office where you normally get your truck delivery instructions, just get out of the houses with no roofs and go to work to fix your Island. The United States is there and has always been there to help you, the Army, National Guard, Navy, FEMA are all over the place helping you. But please help yourselves as well. This was how Texas and Florida got through their disaster. It was remarkable how well they did, helping each other, looking after each other, never complaining, so appreciative of every and anything anyone did for them. That's one of the reasons why they came through it as well as they did.
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