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    Byron York: What it takes to see Donald Trump

    Byron York: What it takes to see Donald Trump

    4/3/16 12:09 AM

    WAUSAU, Wis. Donald Trump took his campaign Saturday to central and western Wisconsin, the parts of the state where he is most popular. On a day that alternated between sunshine and snow, Trump and opening act Sarah Palin filled the Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center just outside Wausau. The line to go through security and enter the rally was long, and blessedly indoors as the temperature outside fell below freezing. Below, a look at the experience of trying to get into a Trump rally.

    (When this video was taken, the room was already about half full, and some would be turned away.)

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    Oh my gosh!! How is it possible that Cruz is leading in Wisconsin? They've faked the polls to try to turn the tide away from Trump. There is some massive evil conspiracy afoot in Wisconsin. You can't have crowds like that in Wausau and be losing the state of Wisconsin. That defies all common sense, logic and physical fact. Poor Trump Supporters, the spaces just aren't large enough to accommodate everyone. I watched his speech and Trump that there were about 2000 in the hall and 5,000 outside in the mall. They had speakers set up but still that's not the same as being in the same room.

    Thank you Trump Supporters for all you do to show your support or interest in Donald Trump. Thank you so much. Trump agonizes over the people who can't get in to the actual venue. He just hates not having access to larger facilities that can accommodate all the supporters.

    Well, Cruz won Kansas City, Missouri but lost the state. Lets hope if Cruz wins Milwaukee, he still loses the state.

    This election should have been a slam-dunk for Trump. He should have been the presumptive nominee 2 months ago. Instead these evil Establishment people have turned it into a nerve-wracking experience, all to try to keep their open borders free trade treason plan to bankrupt our country.

    Shame, Shame, Shame.
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