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Thread: Calling DREAM Student Leaders! -DREAM SUMMER 2012 Internship Opportunity

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    Calling DREAM Student Leaders! -DREAM SUMMER 2012 Internship Opportunity

    Isn' this against any law?

    Calling DREAM Student Leaders!
    DREAM SUMMER 2012 Internship Opportunity
    This past year undocumented students and allies have shown the nation their great leadership and organizing potential. With limited resources our dream movement was able to build a grassroots campaign that promoted a human face for the immigration story. Our organizing this past year led to countless direct actions and civil disobedience, publicly coming out as “undocumented and unafraid”, challenged President Obama’s harsh and inhumane deportation policies, while successfully passing pro immigrant policies in various states. As our movement grew, we also developed the leadership of immigrant youth all over the nation. In order to strengthen and continue developing our movement’s leadership, the UCLA Labor Center and the United We Dream Network are proud to continue Dream Summer; a nationalinternship program for Dream Act student leaders . We encourage you to apply!
    What is Dream Summer?
    Dream Summer is a 10-week full-time internship program that will place DREAM Act student leaders with social justice, labor and Queer/LGBTQ organizations.
    Each participantwill receive a $5,000 scholarship to support her or his educational goals. Scholarships will be distributed at the END of the Internship. Internships for Dream Act student leaders will be offered in the following cities and states: California (Southern California, the San Francisco BayArea and the Central Valley), Phoenix Arizona, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Texas,Boston, Denver Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Georgia, Alabama, and Connecticut. You must live in the current state you are applying to. If you are a student who is interested in this program but live outside the states mentioned above please apply. We will follow up with you if internship opportunities are made available in your state.
    The goals of “Dream Summer” are to:
    Provide leadership development and training for Dream Act student leaders through internships with social justice organizations;
    Provide social justice organizations with talented and capable immigrant student activists;
    Strengthen the commitment within social justice organizations to advance the rights ofimmigrant youth;
    Strengthen multi-generational social justice movements;
    Provide scholarships for immigrant students to pursue their educational goals and advance social justice activism on campus
    Key Dates:
    Beginning retreat from June 15th- 16th in Los Angeles*
    The internship placements will begin on June 18th – August 24th (August 24th will beused as a travel day for interns living outside of Southern California)
    Closing retreat will be from August 25th – 26th in Los Angeles**The UCLA Labor Center and the United We Dream Network will organize both retreats and coordinate alllogistics including flights and hotel accommodations.
    The deadline to apply is March 30
    th, at 5pm (Pacific Time).*No Late Applications Will Be Accepted.Dream Summer applicants will be notified by April 30th 2012.
    We look forward to your applications! Sincerely,
    The UCLA Labor Center and the United We Dream Network
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    These people are relentless, arrogant, bold and anoying as hell.
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    Yes they are, All the MORE reason for us to become More relentless and Bold....They are annoying because they are trying to get rights they are NOT entitled to...I wouldn't mind being annoying in the efforts of Gaining back the USA and making sure Laws are Enforced nationwide on a Mandatory basis.

    They get by with so much because they are Loud and obnoxious using every medium available...We have to get better than them at their own game!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kiara View Post
    These people are relentless, arrogant, bold and anoying as hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiara View Post
    These people are relentless, arrogant, bold and anoying as hell.
    Wouldn't it be nice if we had more Americans fighting them with the same intensity.
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    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    If I was an Illegal Alien kid!
    I would write a letter of THANKS, and APOLOGY, A HUMBLE GRACIOUS letter to America!
    Expressing MY GRATITUDE to her for what I've been able to achieve!
    A promise from myself to Pledge Allegiance to America..Even though I as an Illegal Alien must pay for all this GREAT COUNTRY has given me!
    Bla-Bla-Bla! Wah!
    And YES/ NO ...The law is bent, broken, ah what ever..when it comes to illegal aliens!
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