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Thread: A cat among the pigeons

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    A cat among the pigeons

    A cat among the pigeons

    The elites are learning the hard truth that money can’t buy love

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally Friday, March 11, 2016, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman) more >

    By THE WASHINGTON TIMES - - Thursday, March 17, 2016

    Donald Trump has clearly put the cat among the pigeons. The Republican establishment, as the party’s elites don’t like to be called, can’t decide what to do about the power of the Trump tornado. They’re suddenly getting a taste of what impotence feels like, learning that money can’t buy love.

    It’s the Donald’s rough-cut street talk that most upsets them. He says things the way a lot of folks talk, with bluster and bombast that drowns the excuses and euphemisms that politicians usually employ in public. When he talked about how the elites are scheming to stop him at an “open convention” in Cleveland, he said “I think you’d have riots” if the party establishment tries to undo the work of the primaries. He might be right, but saying so makes the grannies nervous.

    This was street speech gone too far for House Speaker Paul Ryan. “Nobody should say such things, in my opinion,” he said. “To even address or even hint at violence is unacceptable.” Mr. Ryan usually prefers softer granny speech, but he sometimes lapses into the violence of metaphors, too. He acknowledges the conventional wisdom that was fantasy only a fortnight ago, that choosing a nominee could “result in a convention fight” this summer. Oh, dear. A fight? Breaking out at a political convention? Heaven forfend, and hide the women and children.

    Mr. Ryan says Republicans, and he presumably includes himself, now see “that this is more likely to become an open convention than before.” He tells the Washington Examiner that his party colleagues “are getting our minds around the idea that this could very well become a reality.”

    The irony here is that the establishment in both Republican and Democratic parties — the men and women who expect to run things because they always have — wrote the rules that set up the primaries to take the decision out of the smoke-filled rooms and give the choice to the people. And so they did, and the people are speaking.

    Now some of the elites want to return to the smoke-filled room (without the cigars and the rambunctious manly talk). Mr. Ryan, as speaker, will preside over the Republican National Convention and have a crucial role in controlling events, the man most responsible for keeping good order if Donald Trump arrives in Cleveland short of the 1,237 delegates he would need to win the nomination on the first ballot.

    Washington is abuzz with angry talk, of third parties and behind-the-scene scheming to bend the rules, or find holes in them, to strip Mr. Trump of delegates. This is politics as usual, of course, and high stakes invite high risks, even the risk of a riot. It’s happened before. But those who indulge it should remember that there’s a foot race coming up in November, and the crippled man rarely wins a foot race.

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    What is the big deal about Trump's statement? He was asked a question and gave an honest answer. Is truth so out of their world in the Republican Establishment that they now fear it?

    Wow. That's very telling. Trump is right of course, Trump Supporters won't stand for his not getting the nomination if he has the most votes. I don't think Trump Supporters will cause violence, that's not our deal, nor do we get any thrill from causing property damage, but the word riot is a common word used to describe an outcry and uproar and there will definitely be that aplenty, I have no doubt.

    And everyone has to remember why they hate Trump. This is what must be restated over and over and over again. Their hate has nothing to do with "conservatism", it has nothing to do with "ideology", it has nothing to do with "rhetoric" or "tone". Their hate of Donald Trump has to do with 2 issues:

    1. stop illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration
    2. fixing our trade deals to end this free trade treason

    That's it. That IS the sole source of their hatred for Donald Trump which IS the primary reason most Trump Supporters adore him. That is the divide. The divide is simple. It's the Americans who want to save our country versus those who want to give it away to foreign interests. It's the Loyalists versus the Traitors.

    It's that simple. Spread the word, state it over and over and over again until enough people get it and vote for Trump in the upcoming primaries.

    Cruz should have been knocked out of this race in December when he lied on national television to 18 million Americans about never having supported legalization when he's on tape for having done so. This was not a "poison pill", it was testimony before a US Senate Committee Hearing on the Gang of Eight Bill. Either he was lying in the Senate to his colleagues or he was lying to the American People on December 15 during the Debate. Either way, he is a liar and on the wrong side of our issues, has always been and will always be.
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