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    CAUGHT ON CAMERA=> Hispanic Youths Vandalize-Steal Trump Flag Off Provo, Utah Car

    Jim Hoft Oct 26th, 2016 8:36 am

    A Gateway Pundit reader sent this in this morning.

    His car was vandalized by anti-Trump youths in Utah.

    He explains: “What happened is that the two Latino teenaged males saw my flag and decided to vandalize and steal by breaking off the flag after sitting on the hood of my car.”

    These two youths had no idea they were being filmed.

    And now they are celebrities!

    This was also posted on Reddit.

    Theft and Vandalism of TRUMP flag by Latino Youths in Provo, Utah on October 25, 2016

    Damaged thing with broken-off TRUMP: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN mini-flag

    Close-up of a damaged thing as broken off

    What the car-window mini-flag looks like; same thing I had that is now vandalized and stolen.

    Youth walks on the sidewalk while my car was parked, bemused by the sight of the flag.

    Looked bemusedly at the yard sign poster on driver’s side dash “DEPLORABLES FOR TRUMP”

    Youth sat on the hood of my car, mockingly, while another youth took the photo on his smartphone.

    Another look at this youth before they walked over to the side of my car to snap the flag off and run off with it.
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    Disrespectful, low-life criminal racist!

    Go back to wherever you came from because you are the definition and reason why Trump
    will be our next President.

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