Chain Migration and the Diversity Visa Program: Legal Immigration at Its Worst

Millions of future migrants are selected under obsolete current law that has nothing to do with advancing the U.S. national interest






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By Phillip Linderman on September 19, 2023

Mayor Eric Adam’s remarks that migrants will “destroy New York City” foreshadows the coming battle over legal immigration reform. Democrats know that President Biden’s radical open-border policies have overreached, and the American public is concerned. Even establishment, left-leaning polling operations are reluctantly picking up the trend that more and more Americans see immigration as a problem.

The legal immigration debate, of course, is not a “yes” or “no” question, although that is how pro–mass immigration groups like to frame the issue, as Gallup did in publishing its recent polling results. This misleading slant obscures serious failures in our poorly conceived immigration system that most Americans would soundly reject if they understood it.

Conservatives can win the immigration debate when they focus on the questions of how many migrants should be admitted and how those should be selected. This will require smart work in Congress designed not only to reduce widespread immigration fraud, but to push all admission numbers down and, most crucially, restrict “family reunification” to only the nuclear family.

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