Chuck’s border-security games, Oct. 7’s terrible lesson and other commentary

By Post Editorial Board

Published May 22, 2024, 5:21 p.m. ET

New York Post

This bill "is not a serious fix for the open border," as "it doesn't require Biden to do anything," writes the Washington Examiner's editorial board. Getty Images From the right: Chuck’s Border-Security Games

Sen. Chuck Schumer is “pushing for another vote” on Sen. James Lankford’s border bill, “which he is sure to lose by an even bigger margin” than in February, when it couldn’t get 50 votes, groans the Washington Examiner editorial board. “Unlike Senate Democrats, voters know the border is in crisis. They also know Biden is entirely to blame.” This bill “is not a serious fix for the open border,” as “it doesn’t require Biden to do anything,” and worse, it “creates a permanent new system for processing illegal migrants” that “mandates [their] release into our country.” “It would make the crisis worse.” Instead, “Schumer should call up the House-passed Laken Riley Act, which not only received more than 30 Democratic votes but also would have prevented the death of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley.