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    Since people can sue city and state governments for pothole damages to their cars because that is a service that these government units are expected to perform---- would it be possible to sue the Federal Government for the costs illegal aliens impose on individuals and local units of government? Since controlling our borders is a Federal job- why can't a class action suit be filed?

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    I keep asking that question also. I have no idea but I will be one of the first to sign on if there is.

    I heard a talk show host sum it up the best this morning. The illegals have representation without taxation and Americans have taxation without representation !!!

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    Is A Class Action Suit Possible

    I don't think so because the Federal and many State Governments have limited the amount of money and possible actions against the governing bodies for legal actions. However, I tried to send the following e-mail to the traitors supporting the Illegal Immigration Reform Bill:

    Dear Senator:

    Since you have supported this treason, I would like to you to consider the following amendments:

    1. All legal citizens who have paid both federal and state income tax as of 06/07 become exempt from such taxation for a period of ten (10) years. Those great and hard working illegal immigrants will now pay taxes and can support us.

    2. All emergency medical care for legal American citizens will be covered by the Federal and State Governments. Again, they can support us.

    3. All costs of sending the children of Legal American Citizens who were legal prior to 06/07 to private schools will be covered by the Government. Bilingual education is not working and is discriminatory to non spanish speaking children. Again, those hard working illegal (soon to be legal) will be responsible for supporting those schools.

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    There are people who could possibly do it. The first group would be Canadians who can only have viasa and not get residency due to NAFTA as giving a chance for Mexicans to get residency is against NAFTA. The other people who possibly could are those from other countries who are skilled, educated and English speaking who like the Canadians can only renew visas. The Canadians would most likely have better results.
    Another possibility are those going the immigration process legally and are waiting.
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