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    Clinton advisor switches sides after losing half his brain in an accident

    Clinton advisor switches sides after losing half his brain in an accident

    November 29, 2016

    A 32-year old member of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff announced this morning that he was joining Donald Trump’s campaign, only weeks after suffering a terrible hunting accident that cost him most of his intellectual faculties.

    Jason Perry was severely injured on August 7, when the left hemisphere of his brain was blown away by a shotgun in a severe hunting accident.

    Mr Perry admits that he found Donald Trump repulsive before the accident, but claims that his time away from the campaign allowed him to change his mind about the candidate.

    “I used to be disgusted by Donald Trump, but it all changed after the accident”,
    explains Mr Perry. “I used to think he was an angry, ignorant moron, but now my eyes are finally open and I clearly see Donald Trump for the genius he really is!”

    The young man says the accident turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to him.

    Before the accident, Jason Perry was one of the main strategists and policy
    advisors of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

    Mr Perry’s doctor, Dr. Frederic Meyers, says that patients who suffer traumamatic brain injuries often experience changes in their behavior.

    He says the young man lost more than half of his brain, and can consider himself lucky to still be able to walk and talk.

    “The patient’s injuries are extremely severe, so it could have been a lot worst”,
    he told reporters. “The last time I had a patient suffering from such trauma, the man kept eating his own excrement and barking at dogs!”

    Dr. Meyers says the change in Mr Perry thought patterns and personal values could be reversible but could very well be permanent.

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    The source: is a satire site.

    DISCLAIMER – World News Daily Report
    Information contained in this
    World News Daily Report website is for information and entertainment purposes only. The website and the information (including ...

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