Clinton Judge Favors Savage Terrorists over Dr. Michael Savage?
By John W. Lillpop

During the eight years in which Bill Clinton "served" as president of these United States, irreparable harm was inflicted on America's military forces, sovereignty, moral values, and judicial system.

Throw in the Clinton recession, eight years of Hillary, a cast of thousands in the never-ending saga of sexual harassment, abuse, and exploitation of young interns, a host of disgraceful last minute pardons, and you have the Clinton Legacy: The most forgettable administration in U.S. history.

Now, one of the judges nominated by Slick Willie has come back to tarnish the lawsuit filed by the good Doctor Michael Savage against Islamofacists disguised as Americans in the radical hate group called CAIR.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston, a product of the Clinton era, apparently believes that savage terrorists are preferable to Savage broadcasts. At least that is the direction in which this leftist anarchist in a black robe is leaning.

On Friday, Illston indicated that she was leaning toward tossing out the good Doctor's lawsuit against CAIR, who used portions of "The Savage Nation" to solicit donations and call for an advertising boycott of the good Doctor's wildly successful show.


Judge Illston said she would likely let Savage's attorney submit a revised lawsuit in attempt to keep the case alive, but she found the other side's arguments "persuasive."


How about September 11, your honor? Seems to me that that was pretty damn persuasive as well!

And how about the brutal executions and murders carried out in the name of Allah every day all across the globe by demented refugees from the seventh century, judge?

The same sick fools who would, if they could, stone Judge Illston to death because of her audacity and disrespect in presiding over men in judicial matters?

Fact of the matter is that Dr. Michael Savage is one of the few Americans left with sufficient integrity and courage to tell the truth about a people who worship death, and express nothing but bitter hatred for those who cherish and celebrate life.

It is really time for elitist moralists like U.S. District Judge Susan Illston to vacate positions of authority and power in American society. Our very existence and future is imperiled by people like Illston who apparently believe that political correctness is more vital than the truth.

In the meanwhile, America would be well served if scores of millions of outspoken and American eccentric voices like that of Dr. Michael Savage would join the fray against Islamofacism, and on the side of freedom and Democracy!

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California