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Thread: Clinton mocks 'comedy' of Trump saying he won debate

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    Clinton mocks 'comedy' of Trump saying he won debate

    October 21, 2016, 02:08 pm
    Clinton mocks 'comedy' of Trump saying he won debate

    One day after the two presidential nominees faced off at a charity roast, Hillary Clinton isn't done shooting zingers at Donald Trump.

    Clinton on Friday mocked Trump for claiming he won their third debate, calling it the kind of "comedy" that belonged at Thursday night's Alfred E. Smith dinner.“The results are in on the final debate and it is almost unanimous, I WON! Thank you, these are very exciting times,” Trump tweeted Friday. Clinton, in fact, won nearly ever scientific poll after Wednesday's bout.

    Clinton responded moments later, asking: "Where was this kind of comedy last night?"

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    The results are in on the final debate and it is almost unanimous, I WON! Thank you, these are very exciting times.
    10:34 AM - 21 Oct 2016

    Clinton and Trump both spoke at Thursday night's annual charity dinner, where presidential nominees traditionally roast themselves and each other. Trump was booed by attendees after sharp-edged jokes about Clinton.

    Trump and his campaign have promoted three recent polls from Investor’s Business Daily, Rasmussen and the Los Angeles Times that all show Trump with a 1- or 2-point lead in the race.

    However, those polls are at odds with the majority of recent surveys, which show Clinton leading by an average of 6 points, according to RealClearPolitics.

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    The Real Clear Average consists primarily of CORRUPT MEDIA sponsored polls, so they are unreliable because they're rigged. Anyone who believes that a CORRUPT MEDIA openly and admittedly willing to do a biased pile-on against Trump throughout every day of this General Election, which is rigging the news to defeat him, isn't also going to rig their own polls to create the charade to match their own narrative that they are defeating him by poisoning voters against Trump and depress turn-out for him, just isn't thinking clearly.

    Everyone knows the media polls are rigged, so The Hill just makes itself look stupid by trying to present them as evidence of something when they clearly aren't.

    Americans are fed up with crooked dishonest politicians selling out our country and Trump is our solution to these enormous problems.

    Only the CORRUPT MEDIA wants to focus on something Trump said 20 years ago to Rosie O'Donnell, on the Howard Stern Late Night Shock and Awe Show or in a private conversation on an NBC bus with a hot mic on 12 years ago. So I say to the CORRUPT MEDIA, GIVE US ALL YOUR HOT MIC RAW FOOTAGE and let US listen to all your hot mic conversations over the past 20 years.

    Or ...... SHUT THE FVCK UP.
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