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    CNN: Democrats Face Their Powerlessness

    4 Feb 2017

    Maeve Reston writes at CNN:

    Democrats are spending the opening weeks of the Trump administration trying to flex their muscle any way they can — boycotting confirmation hearings, refusing to work with Republicans on Obamacare and pondering a filibuster of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

    But as Democrats throw every procedural hurdle they can think of at Trump, they’re facing a bleak reality: they have virtually no power in Washington.

    The party has no clear successor to Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton who can speak with one voice for the party. And there is no consensus yet on a strategy to thwart Trump’s legislative agenda — or even how to prioritize the issues they plan to challenge him on.
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    Trump has done an amazing thing for our country. He's not only brought the Republican Party to its knees to rise up and represent the real base of the party that means representing the real base of the Democratic Party as well. Not the right-wingers or the left-wingers, not the extremists or the radicals, not the political class or "community organizers", not the globalists or the socialists, but the heart and soul of America that wakes up every day, goes out to their jobs, does them to the highest standards and to the best of their abilities, who raise good kids, take care of their families, love each other and love our country. These Americans cross all political parties and all economic lines. Some are poor, some are rich, some are middle class, some work trades, some work part-time, some work professional, some are small business operators, some are corporate, some are HUUUGE entrepreneurs, some are retired, and many are unemployed or underemployed.

    The beautiful about Trump's agenda is that his agenda benefits and helps everyone at no one else's expense. That's why in 2 years Democrats not already on board for Trump and fixing America, will be on the Trump Train.

    The biggest threat to Trump right now is not from DemoQuacks, Protesters, Left-Wingers or Snowflakes, it's from Congressional Republicans, so that's where our attention needs to focus, to get them all on the Trump Train, sitting down, waiting for orders and when they arrive, getting them executed as quickly as possible. They're prepared to do a nuclear option on a Supreme Court nomination and that's great, but we need a nuclear option right now on the Wall and the President's Tax Reform Plan, that drops corporate tax rates to 15%, not Ryan's 20%, but the full 15% cut Trump wants effective for tax year 2017 and whatever it takes to bring all our foreign cash sitting in overseas accounts back home to the US.

    Then pass the FairTax so it goes into operational effect no later than January 2019 which means it must pass this year. If they can get it to go into effect in January 2018, that would be even better. There's really no reason it can't go into effect in January 2018. Our country can adjust to this system on a dime. So just do it. HR 25 in the US House of Representatives and S 18 in the US Senate. The FairTax solves all the trade imbalance issues everyone is trying to figure out how to solve. The FairTax already does that without conflict or confrontation or other nation agreement. Most people don't realize that.
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