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    Colleges that hire Illegal students have control of our SS#

    It struck me when I recently filled out a registration form for a class at a suburban chicago junior college, mainly attended by illegal mexicans, that MY SS# was being floated around and stacked in offices and files where blatantly illegal mexicans were both attending school and working.

    My information could be stolen by hundreds of illegal mexicans over the course of the semester and I would not know because there is no way to track where my information is going and what the college is doing to protect my information. The SSA won't even let us track it.

    Have there been any class action lawsuits by individuals against colleges regarding their use and storage methods of our confidential information like there have been against corporations lately?

    If not, there should be as right now they have carte blanche to allow illegals to attend our schools AND have acces to our confidential information. It's not right.

    BTW. When the class I wanted was unavailable, I took my form back immediately and destroyed it.
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    You are in the most danger if your last name sounds 'Latin' in any way, but yes, you are correct to be concerned. A real SSN fetches good money now that more and more companies are using Basic Pilot.
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    Colleges that hire illegal

    When my husband took college courses, a sign in sheet was passed around the room. Each student wrote his name and social security number and passed it to the next person. The school used the SS# as a student ID number.
    Yes we were victims of ID theft. At the time (7 years ago), I never thought about illegal aliens using the number. In our case someone was applying for Credit Cards-all over the country. Lucky for us, an alert banker noticed incorrect info on an application for credit and contacted us.
    Now I wonder about student office aides, even in High School, that have access to student records. We were always asked for SS# for our kids to register for school. These numbers could be worth a lot of money to an illegal looking for employment.
    I only recently found out that illegals don't have to give a SS# to register. If I had known, I would not give my childs # either.

    The college DID change the student ID # policy, but they still ask for it when you register.

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    I thinl you mean illegal hispanics...

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