With the exception of his misstatement regarding Saarland, which the CDU controls, this is a nearly flawless analysis of the recent German state elections. One which dovetails with my own thinking, i.e. although characterized as a reactionary, xenophobic backlash, the resistance to Angela Merkel’s radical transformation of Germany spans the ideological spectrum and is focused uniquely upon the destruction this ongoing invasion has caused to the lives of German citizens. Whether you’re an anti-war, LGBT-friendly liberal living in a Berlin loft, or a staunch Roman Catholic conservative from Bavaria, your way of life will cease to be if Merkel’s experiment is allowed to continue.

Europe can survive ill-conceived, Al Gore-inspired forays into ecological idiocy but it will not recover from the subversion of its cultural identity which is currently taking place. Islam is a conquering faith, and it has its sights set-once again-on Europe. In order to preserve what’s left ordinary Germans-of both the left and the right-need to wake up and depose it’s chief vassal on the continent. It’s just that simple.