I'm on the SEIU email list. This is what I received:

As Members of Congress wrap up their five-week vacation, it's time to hit 'em with everything we've got.
Already, 24 House Republicans have come out to voice their support for immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. This is a big deal!
However...there are still extremists in the House refusing to consider citizenship. And the Republican National Committee (RNC) recently passed a new immigration resolution that would prohibit a path to citizenship.
It's now or never if we want to kick immigration reform into high gear. Join the fight by clicking here.
Next week, we'll be delivering your signature to Speaker John Boehner. Our goal is to reach 500,000 signatures so that there is no doubt in our Representatives' minds that America wants reform with a pathway to citizenship.
America has spoken. Now it's time for Congress to listen. Click here to sign our petition for citizenship today.
With your help, we'll deliver stacks upon stacks of signatures in support of reform with citizenship.
ˇSí se puede!
Lindsey Walker, Deputy Director
SEIU Immigrant Justice Campaign

Now that the Congressional Recess of August 2013 is just about over, we will see the result of the disgraceful lack of any effort to confront this so-called immigration reform bill in Congress. THERE WAS VIRTUALLY NO OPPOSITION TO IT!!!!! The dumbed down, TV/Sports watching American public doesn't even know this issue is being discussed and legislated on and the so-called activist community, Tea Party/disbanded immigration reform movement, that was supposed to be out in force against this piece of legislation was too afraid to show their faces in public in any numbers, to oppose it. So this is the result the well funded communists, who did do a little something to support the legislation, claims it has?

There's still a few town hall meetings to go and I plan on demonstrating at one being held in my area assuming I can pick up an activist or two from the Overpasses group I'll be demonstrating with this Sat.

I highly recommend any readers on this board join their local Overpasses movement.