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    This company you can take paid time off to attend May 1st ev ... urrent.htm

    This makes me so mad, paid time off. I am also made for other reasons but this has put me over the line for this company. By the way the SIEU spports May 1st. Most employees of this company are part of the union. This company contracts with other companies which hire illegals.

    The Immigration DebatePending federal legislation has created debate over immigration in this country, leading to a number of public demonstrations. Given the importance of diversity to our culture and way of doing business, it is natural that there are strong feelings about this matter within our workforce. We understand and empathize with employees’ deep investment in the current debate and outcome.

    A nationwide general walkout is planned for May 1 in which organizers are calling upon supporters of immigrant rights to boycott school, work, and retail and to participate in marches and rallies on that day. Kaiser Permanente has not taken a public position on this legislation, but we recognize that some employees may want to express their feelings. It is very important that we balance those needs with our critical mission of health care delivery and service to those who depend upon us. Any work stoppage would seriously affect our ability to deliver care and ensure patient safety for our diverse population of members and patients.

    Kaiser Permanente has demonstrated its support of social change, equity, and civil rights throughout its history while remaining, above all, dedicated to providing care to our members and communities. Kaiser Permanente leadership has offered these guidelines for managers and employees:
    • Employees must have advance approval from managers.
    • They must use their paid time off (vacation or floating holidays) or do it on an unpaid basis.
    • To the extent possible, managers will authorize personal or vacation days. Where that is not possible, based on the needs of care delivery, we ask employees to fulfill their scheduled work commitments.

    By following these procedures, we will meet the needs of our patients and members and support our co-workers. Please address any questions about this to your supervisor.
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    O,K now I am pissed.

    I applied for a job at Kaiser and was turned down. They didn't even bother to call me for the job. You mean to tell me that they hired Illegals tell me this can't be true. I think I have found a way to get Americans a Lawsuit.

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    Now we know where the, very serious, very dangerous, hospital staph infection comes from!

    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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    If these employees aren't needed on May 1, they're not needed at all.

    Man I wish I still had Kaiser insurance so I could CANCEL it.
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