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Thread: Congressional Democrats Send "Beware of Trump" Warning Letter To State Department

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    Congressional Democrats Send "Beware of Trump" Warning Letter To State Department

    Congressional Democrats Send “Beware of Trump” Warning Letter To State Department Bureaucrats – Set Up Direct Portal To Report Activity…

    Posted on December 16, 2016 by sundance

    Democrats establishing a second, parallel, U.S. government structure.

    If there was anyone who doubted the previous outline we shared about the State Department operating as a complete and distinct agency of the U.S. government, today’s action from DC Democrats should put those doubts to rest.
    A true “America First” diplomatic outlook is an existential threat to the preferred mission statement of the U.S. State Department. (link)

    Democrat leaders within the House Foreign Affairs Committee sent a warning letter to State Department officials and career diplomats alerting them to beware of Trump administration changing their overarching objectives and globalist mission:
    WASHINGTON – […] “We believe your Department should work to ensure a smooth transition of power,” said the letter, led by ranking Democrat Eliot L. Engel (N.Y.). “However, individual civil servants, Foreign Service Officers, and other staff should not be singled out for their work in support of policy objectives that clash with the next Administration’s goals, leaving them vulnerable to retribution by the incoming Administration.”

    […] “We want to make sure that you and the Department of State know that you have our full support as you seek to protect the Department’s public servants.”

    […] The House Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats are setting up a portal on their website enabling State Department and USAID whistle blowers to alert them of any unethical or illegal practices, including but not limited to efforts to single out federal employees who may not agree with the Trump agenda. (read more)

    These Department of State entities see themselves as a complete and separate structure of government. They also function as a complete and separate ideological structure of government:

    However, there are multiple ways to affect the behavior of the foreign service officers/specialists that make up the Department of State. Some background will help:

    ♦ Not all foreign service are part of the globalists. Some, including a direct contact official, are Trump supporters, and there are other white hats. So there is help available within the State Department for change.

    1. Many of the senior positions with the Department, to include all Ambassadors, are appointed by the President. The Ambassador (Chief of Mission) is the senior Executive Branch official in any country. All Executive Branch employees (minus those reporting to the resident DoD Combatant Commander [COCOM]) report to the Chief of Mission (COM). At their leisure, the COM can remove anyone from their country.L
    2. The Department of State is the only major Department that does not require a polygraph and/or a psychological exam for its employees that hold a Top Secret security clearance. A few liaison positions with other government agencies require a polygraph exam or psychological exam, but most positions do not.
    3. Most foreign service generalists/specialists are recruited from the East Coast or West Coast. Few from the Heartland.
    4. Most foreign service generalists/specialists spend the majority of their careers overseas, with any domestic assignments in the DC area.
    5. Most foreign service members live VERY well overseas. There are several very dangerous posts, but many posts have very nice housing, free school, local tax breaks, etc… This is above the generous salary, benefits, and retirement.

    ♦ With these few things in mind, below are ideas to ensure, or at least affect/influence how the foreign service acts.

    1. The political appointed senior officials control how the Department enacts the President’s policy. If the foreign service doesn’t follow instructions/orders, then there are administrative means to remove non-compliant staff from posts or even their jobs.
    2. Require all employees with Top Secret security clearance to undergo a polygraph exam and psychological exam. You would be surprised how many would retire/resign.
    3. Start recruiting/hiring Americans from the Heartland to fill vacant positions. Limit the Coastal elites. Control the hiring process.
    4. Force foreign service generalists/specialists to serve domestically one of every three assignments. Force them into positions outside the Beltway. Once again, you would be surprised how many would retire/resign if they were forced to actually LIVE in the U.S. on a regular basis.
    5. Cut the benefits to living overseas.
      1. Lower the housing benefits. Ensure people are living in secure housing, but it doesn’t have to be luxurious.
      2. Cut the school subsidy.
      3. Review the other benefits afforded to Department employees.

    There will be accountability. That’s why President Elect Donald Trump has picked the exact right guy for the job, Rex Tillerson.

    aka: “T-Rex”

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