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    Conservative or Liberal? That is the question.

    How does one tell if they are Conservative or Liberal? I will give you some examples of what I believe in, and maybe someone can tell me which I am. I was like most Americans and only paid attention to one or two issues that would affect my life after the elections. But now I can see there is so much more in deciding who to vote for. So here goes:

    1. Pro Life - Anti Abortion
    2. Pro Gun, I'm all for the 2nd Amendment
    3. Do not approve of gay marriges or gay rights period
    4. I am definately under $12,000 a year income
    5. I'm caucassion and 46 years old
    6. I am Christian (Protestant)
    7. I am a supporter of SB 1070
    8. I would like to see a smaller federal government
    9. I would like to see politicians retirements merged with the publics social security.
    10. Against casino gambling
    11. Legalize "POT"!! ( I don;t smoke myself,but I know the federal govt. will go crazy trying to enforce tax on it!)
    12. Actually I ran out of things to list on # 11 !!!! lol
    I believe I am independant, not realy for or against the (R)'s or (D)'s.
    Is this enough to have someone tell me which way I tend to lean? Left, Right, Conservative or Liberal? Thanks in advance everyone. BigMike
    In GOD We Trust


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    Much of what you described fits in with the mainstream conservative ideology, except for pot legalization. For the most part, I'd label most of your views as traditionally conservative.

    I consider myself to be a conservative libertarian, meaning I embrace conservative & libertarian views incl:

    1. Anti-amnesty
    2. Pro-drug decriminalization
    3. Pro-free market
    4. Pro-privatization
    5. Pro-secularism in gov't
    6. Anti-preferential treatment (affirmative action, quotas, etc.)
    7. Pro-choice (although I'm opposed to public funding of abortions)
    8. Pro-gay marriage (I oppose gov't involvement in marriage)
    9. Pro-decentralization
    10. Anti-UN
    11. Pro-English as an official language

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