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    Ann Coulter

    Here's a thought: While self-quarantining with their families in multimillion-dollar Manhattan co-ops, Wall Street wives ought to have a chat with their Master of the Universe husbands about China, globalism and political correctness. Those are the vectors of their robber-baron wealth.

    Thanks to “globalism” -- i.e., cheap goods from China -- we’ve gotten many wondrous things, for example:

    -- Toothpaste on American shelves made with a poison found in antifreeze.

    -- Toxic Chinese drywall installed in about 100,000 U.S. homes, emitting noxious fumes that destroyed electrical wiring and metal fixtures and sickened homeowners. Replacement of the drywall, pipes and wiring cost Americans billions of dollars.

    -- Hundreds, possibly thousands, of American dogs killed by melamine-laced Chinese dog food in 2007.

    -- The loss of about 200,000 beautiful maple trees lining the streets of small New England towns, eaten by Asian long-horned beetles that arrived on Chinese cargo ships in 1996. The U.S. taxpayer spends hundreds of millions of dollars to eradicate the repeated outbreaks that continue to this day, despite promises from the Chinese to do better.

    -- Viral pandemics -- H1N1 (from China), bird flu (from China), SARS (from China) and now the Wuhan virus (from China).

    Is it really worth paying $3 for a T-shirt at Walmart, rather than $9? The precise reason Chinese goods are so cheap is that they skip the crucial quality-control step.

    The media’s reaction to this latest pandemic out of China is to say ...


    Well, like most animal-to-human viruses, this one did originate in China and then spread across the globe when Chinese tourists infected people in other countries.

    As described by Melinda Liu in Smithsonian Magazine, the Chinese wet markets, “often poorly ventilated, with multiple species jammed together -- create ideal conditions for spreading disease through shared water utensils or airborne droplets of blood and other secretions.”

    This 2017 article was titled: “Is China Ground Zero for a Future Pandemic?”

    When the pandemic arrived, at least the World Health Organization leapt to action. First step: Find a cure? Develop a vaccine? Demand protections for the elderly?


    WHO officials got together and worked on coming up with a new name for the “Wuhan virus” that sounded less Asian.

    Next, the WHO put out a “Fact Sheet” to ensure that those with Kung Flu would not be stigmatized. It instructed:

    "DO -- talk about people 'acquiring' or 'contracting' #COVID-19.

    “DON'T -- talk about people 'transmitting COVID-19,' 'infecting others' or “spreading the virus' as it implies intentional transmission & assigns blame.”

    As fear of the Chinese virus spread, Gloria Allred brought a lawsuit against a Los Angeles school for sending an Asian student to the school nurse after he coughed in class.

    Americans are cowering in their homes. Airlines, restaurants, beaches, ski resorts, professional sports, colleges and stores have been shut down. But we must never violate the fundamental civil right of an Asian to cough in class and refuse to see the nurse!

    The New York Times has also been on the racism beat, with these pressing stories:

    As Chinese Grapple With a New Illness, an Old Stigma Is Revived

    An Outbreak of Racist Sentiment as Coronavirus Reaches Australia

    As Coronavirus Spreads, So Does Anti-Chinese Sentiment

    And there’s more!

    Virus Fuels Anti-Chinese Sentiment Overseas

    Coronavirus Outbreak Risks Reviving Stigma for China

    Wait – here’s another:

    For a Chinese Traveler, Even Paradise Comes With Prejudice

    A few weeks ago -- before a trillion dollars in wealth was destroyed by the coronavirus panic and we learned the real disease was racism -- everyone, including the Times, admitted that the virus was brought to Italy by two Chinese tourists.

    “[T]here had not yet been any confirmed cases in Italy," the Times reported, until Jan. 30, “when the government announced the first two cases.” The scientific director of an infectious diseases hospital in Rome identified them: “two Chinese tourists visiting Rome.”

    The Times buried this fact in an article perversely titled: “Cruise Passengers Are Held at Italian Port in False Alarm Over Coronavirus.” On one hand, a bunch of cruise passengers were inconvenienced for 12 hours; on the other hand, a viral pandemic that could kill millions was introduced to Italy. You write the headline.

    Lombardy is the Italian region most devastated by the Wuhan virus. As far back as 2003, a Library of Congress report cited Lombardy as having the highest concentration of Chinese immigrants in Italy. Our media refuses to tell us this fact today -- or any day.

    No hard feelings, but why not relieve people’s minds? West Virginians who have no contact with anyone visiting from China can rest easy! No need to stockpile toilet paper.

    While we’re at it, when will the media and the “medical community” get around to informing Americans that this latest Chinese pandemic poses little danger to anyone under 70 without certain chronic medical conditions?

    Italy has been ravaged by the Wuhan virus, but the average age of the dead is 81.

    According to the dire estimates of the Imperial College of London -- whose assessment we are following -- excepting those with underlying medical conditions, the new coronavirus is far less deadly than the seasonal flu to anyone under 60 years old. It’s no worse than the 2017-18 flu season for those in their 60s.

    But it's five to 10 times more deadly than the regular flu for those in their 70s and 80s, respectively.

    We ought to surround old folks homes with the National Guard and call it a day. It would probably save more lives and wouldn’t destroy the economy.

    But there’s no time to think about saving lives. The important thing is to stamp out the idea that a virus that originated in China has anything to do with China.
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    We have 350,000 Chinese students here on Visa's. China needs to pay for every airline ticket to deport them back home. Trump needs to order their return.

    College is out, no idea when classes will continue. They need to go. Many are here stealing our intellectual property. They are communist pawns for the party.

    No more Visa's to China and no more of their students as a penalty for their lies and deception, and the great harm, and death they have caused this country and our businesses.

    Trump needs to get on that phone, make an arrangement, to wipe out every dime of debt we owe China and considered it PAID IN FULL as a good will gesture to the American people for what they have done.

    They are a polluted country, overbreed in poverty, they need birth control. They eat this garbage because they do not have enough food to eat. It is a disgrace to humanity that these countries continue to live this way. And we are not their ATM machine or dumping ground because they cannot keep their pants zipped, get fixed, or get on birth control.

    Everybody who has come over here and dropped an "anchor baby" with this Birth Tourism needs to have those U.S. Birth Certificates revoked immediately, and reissue a Certificate of Child Born Abroad. They are doing this, it is Visa Fraud, and they do it so they can come back when those anchors are 18 years old. That is the NEXT ticking time bomb we will face with China and all countries who are coming here to drop those anchors! They are not U.S. citizens. They WILL change this country forever and our future will never be the same.

    We also need to stop China and foreigners coming here buying up our real estate, taking over our housing, driving up costs and rental costs. Let them "lease", no property ownership.

    This virus and complete shut down of ALL 50 states should be a wake up call to all Americans, if Bernie, or Biden get back in office, with their free stuff and open border agenda we will have 500,00 illegal a DAY pouring over all our borders.

    I cannot even begin to imagine if Hillary were president right now. Complete mayhem, looting of closed businesses, millions pouring over the border, bankrupt, and 10x more would have been sick due to NO travel bans. Hospitals overflowing like you cannot even imagine.


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