WEBCommentary Contributor
Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date: January 15, 2014

It is high time to reassert those quaint notions of “compelling U.S. interests.” From the nature of America’s economic relations with the rest of the world to the definition of its sovereignty and the integrity of its borders, this people of this country are continually being told that they must accept a lowered standard of living and general degradation of their nation as the inescapable reality of the new order. This is simply the future of the country, according to the power mongers. And the hapless chattel on “Main Street” has no other option than to accept it.

A major factor contributing to the ongoing success of the Obama/Democrat onslaught is the barrage of new outrages continually hitting the people of this nation, ensuing at such a pace that it is difficult to keep abreast of the latest affront. Though still reeling in stunned disbelief from the magnitude of the Obamacare debacle, Americans are about to be hit again over the issue of amnesty for more than twenty million illegal aliens presently living within the American borders. And if the liberals are successful with this effort, the nation may well be pushed past the tipping point. In truth, that is the plan.

What makes the amnesty debacle most appalling is that the “Ruling Class” effort to get it implemented is clearly bipartisan. Those same “Republicans” who could not muster the backbone to vigorously oppose Obamacare, or the Obama/Democrat budget, or raising the debt ceiling, or the repeal of the meager provisions of the “Sequester” that began modestly slowing the rate of governmental spending, are now working insidiously behind closed doors, in league with the Democrats, to bypass the voice of the people and pass an amnesty bill.

Of course their effort is never cited as being “amnesty.” Rather, it is moved stealthily forward behind the more appealing veneer of “Immigration Reform.” The name is a lie. The effort is a lie. The constant lament of America’s immigration system being “broken” is a lie. From the beginning, the incontrovertible truth is that the only dysfunctional aspect of American immigration is the government’s criminal refusal to uphold its constitutionally mandated responsibility to secure the borders of the nation, and to do so under the premise that it is indeed a sovereign nation. Clearly, far too many of those in public office who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution no longer see America in that light.

It is a sad indication of the corrupted state of the GOP that, between the two major political parties, it is the Democrats who are being more straightforward about their intentions. Meanwhile the Republican “Establishment” is carefully but diligently working (and exercising more care and more diligence than it ever has against the heinous assaults of Obama/Reid/Pelosi) to contrive a scheme whereby it can get amnesty established as law, without rousing the grassroots against it. The ideological sellout is already a done deal. If these “Republicans” can contrive an avenue to fundamentally and irreversibly change the cultural landscape of America, while avoiding accountability for it, they will do so.

House Speaker John Boehner, who does not hesitate to stridently attack the Tea Party movement for the inconvenience it frequently causes him, has lately formulated a treacherous means of accomplishing this. Boehner’s insidious plan is to avoid any talk of amnesty until after the filing date for congressional contests. By this he hopes to put “Republicans” who would collaborate in his sellout of America out of reach of primary challengers. And if this plan looks abhorrently similar in motive and principle to Obama’s edict to delay the employer mandates of Obamacare until after the November elections, it is. Both Obama and Boehner are merely manipulating the system to accommodate their agendas and their well financed special interests, while swatting aside the concern of those lowly peasants out in the hinterlands as if they are little more than annoying gnats.

The most painful and profound lesson of the ongoing amnesty debate is that it delineates not between different factions across the nation or between the major political parties claiming to represent them, but between Americans who love the country they were bequeathed, and the “Ruling Class” that would sell it all out to the highest bidder for its own gain. Democrats in Washington will eagerly do so for the boon of new voters on their rolls, and Beltway Republicans will gladly follow, in compliance with their big donors who want cheap labor. Lost in the entire mix is any concern for the future generations of Americans whose country is being wrested from under them and their posterity. Concern expressed by these elitists over possible “hardships” to illegal alien families is paramount. Meanwhile, the plight of American families and the negative repercussions they will surely suffer are irrelevant.

In typical fashion, Republicans have over the years allowed the amnesty debate to be completely framed by the Democrats. Securing the border (which is the only logical and sane solution to the nation’s illegal immigrant dilemma) is no longer even a consideration. Governing officials who are supposed to put American interests first have instead scoffed at any suggestion of doing so, from a “Justice Department” that has abdicated its duty to uphold the law and instead sued the state of Arizona when it attempted to do so, to those in Congress who openly mock the concept of a secure national border by characterizing it as “extremism.” Of course, some oblique reference to “tightening border security” is invariably attached to every amnesty ploy, though no federal authority has any intention of following up on this empty platitude.

Consequently, as was the case with the last effort to eradicate American sovereignty when the Congress took up amnesty in 2007, it will once again be up to “We the People” to convince the elitists in Washington that their seditious scheme will not be tolerated. Loud and inescapable warnings from the citizenry must light up the capitol switchboards at any mention of another amnesty ploy. But more significantly, the Boehner “bait and switch” ruse of remaining silent until after filing day cannot be allowed to go uncontested. Otherwise, it will ultimately succeed.

One highly effective counter-strategy would be for a conservative primary challenger to file in every congressional district across the nation where a pro-amnesty Republican holds a seat. Then, the moment the incumbent shows that his true loyalties lie inside the Beltway and not with the American people, the challenger must be ready to go into full campaign mode, in order to oust the disloyal office holder. Concurrently, grassroots conservatives must secure unequivocal promises from every Republican candidate that they will not condone or participate in such betrayal.

It is deplorable that, at a time when a principled GOP could be rallying the American people against the statist malignancy of the Obama Administration, it is instead working overtime to consign them to this plight and to the very real possibility of losing their country. A principled GOP could be enjoying a focused and enthusiastic grassroots ready to carry it to an easy victory over the Democrats in November. Yet while certain individual Republicans have remained loyal to their conservative ideals, as a party the GOP is anything but “principled.”