Counterterrorism Analyst Urges Border States to Shut Down ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION Facilitated by the Federal Government

May 17, 2023
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Counterterrorism analyst Scott Bennett has urged border states like Texas to shut down the illegal alien invasion that the federal government is trying to facilitate.
Bennett and renowned independent journalist Alex Jones discussed the possible ways to protect border states from the influx of illegals who are actually criminals in their countries during a recent episode of the “Alex Jones Show.”

“The border is going to be overrun by 700,000 to a million people and the border states need to declare that not a single bus or plane will be transferred across Texas, Arizona or New Mexico lines. We will stop the bus, stop the plane and arrest the bus driver for violating ‘1382 Illegal Entry of an Alien into the United States,’” Bennet said. “These border states need to shut down this entire invasion that the federal government is trying to facilitate.”
He emphasized how it is important to break security down to the small county-town levels. “Your sheriff is the most important law enforcement officer. Your sheriff should be saying, ‘not a single FBI, DEA or any ATF agent shall be coming into my county to do anything to my citizens without a wet ink in a warrant and asking permission,” he said. “This is the way to take the country back – through sheriffs and small local groups.”
Jones also volunteered the information that included high-level federal officials saying they will have people smuggling a busload of immigrants who are convicted pedophiles. Worse, the Department of Justice will not allow them to be charged with human smuggling.
“They will say too much for illegal entry. And then they let the person out. I mean, it’s just total criminal activity, total enablement,” Jones lamented.

Bennett said the solution is to arrest these criminals at the state level. “Forget the federal law enforcement because there is no law enforcement. There is no justice. There is no respectable FBI or court system anymore,” he said. “Look at what they’ve done to Donald Trump. This is a confirmation that the country has gone rogue. We’ve had a communist takeover, a coup d’ etat on January 6 and we’ve been in a train wreck ever since.”
The psyops expert also pointed to the border invasion of military-age-men from Central America, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. “They’re bringing in the dregs across into America and you will see an explosion of crimes and horrors that, unlike any other time in history, every veteran group, national guardsmen and every militant component of a state’s authorities need to be mobilized to defend against this and say, in a sense ‘to hell with what the federal government says or does,’” he said.
Biden softens border policies and plans to abolish Second Amendment as criminals enter the country
Bennett said there is a need to declare independence from the acts of treason and tyranny that the federal government is doing under the perversion of the “Refugee Settlement Act,” wherein the Biden government is giving the border crossers a chance to apply for asylum. According to reports, their approval will depend entirely on their ability to secure one of a minimal number of appointments available exclusively through an app on the phone that was provided to them by the Department of Home Security during their arrival.
“Refugees are the Vietnamese that escaped their torture and death in Vietnam. Refugees are not people coming from Central and South America looking for a job that has been corrupted and perverted. It is not covered under the refugee resettlement law,” he said.

Apart from softening illegal immigration laws, the Biden administration also wants to abolish the Second Amendment through the United States Congress.
Elsewhere in the show, Bennett said false flag shootings are being staged to trigger the removal of the right of the people to keep and bear arms in America. He cited the transgender shooting in Nashville as one of these. (Related: Biden uses SOTU address to call on Congress to legislate away the Second Amendment.)
“You put up that picture of the shooter with two different pairs of tennis shoes. I think they’re trying desperately to do false flag shootings to try and trigger a second amendment disarming of America. But as you know, Americans aren’t going to fall for that,” he said.
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Counterterrorism Analyst Urges Border States to Shut Down ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION Facilitated by the Federal Government – America First Report