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    Critics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ‘Tent City’ Announce Protest, Then Chicken Out of Mee

    Critics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ‘Tent City’ Announce Protest, Then Chicken Out of Meeting

    By John Hill on June 8, 2012
    Stand With Arizona

    A pro-illegal alien activist group announced what they promised to be a “massive” protest to “demand” that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s famous Tent City be “shut down”, but then chickened out when Arpaio invited them to his office to discuss it.

    “Puente“, a left-wing, Soros-funded group which advocates for illegal alien amnesty and against Arizona immigration law S.B. 1070, declared their intention to “take on” the “racist Sheriff Joe” and show they are “unafraid”. But that all changed after this Sheriff Joe Facebook post:

    "Evidently Puente does not like my 19 year old successful tent city incarceration program with thousands protesting on June 23rd at the tents. Numerous presidential candidates have visited the tents and support the concept. I suggest leaders of Puente meet with me in my office to discuss concerns and save resources from demonstrating in the heat. I started tent city on Aug 2nd, 1993 and will be celebrating the 20th anniversary in August and plan on having some type of celebration."

    Puente’s response? Uh, we can’t make it: “There’s nothing for us to discuss…we just want this guy out of office,” said Puente “organizer” Carlos Garcia.

    So much for “undocumented and unafraid”. This reminds us of the student protest against Sheriff Joe a few months back, where they planned to get arrested – NOT by Arpaio’s deputies – but by the Phoenix P.D. – who they knew would just release them, unlike Arpaio.

    In the video news report below, reporters absurdly give inmates a chance to whine about how they don’t like the heat of Tent City (boo hoo!), and Sheriff Joe responds, “Thank you (to the ) men and women fighting for our country who are living in the same type of tents”, and also recounts how the tent conditions act as a big deterrent for criminals to keep them from ever wanting to stay there again.

    Indeed, Joe probably said it best a few years back, When an AP reporter visited Tent City on a particularly hot day, and interviewed an inmate complaining that “It feels like you’re in a furnace, it’s inhumane!” Arpaio overhead this and shot back:

    “It’s 120 degrees in Iraq and our soldiers are living in tents too, and they have to wear full battle gear, but they did not commit any crimes, so shut your damned mouth!”

    Amen to that! Sheriff Joe will NEVER shut down tent city, and we stand with Joe and his enforcement of immigration laws, and defiance in the face of attacks from Eric Holder and this corrupt administration.

    One Old Vet

    Critics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ‘Tent City’ Announce Protest, Then Chicken Out of Meeting | Stand With Arizona
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Stand With Joe: Sign the Petition: Stand With Sheriff Joe Petition

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    GOOOOOO Sheriff Joe!

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    They may not be meeting with Sheriff Joe, but according to Facebook, the Rally and Vigil are still on.... Rally and Vigil: Shut Down Tent City | Facebook

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    Volunteers needed to help Alipac stop illegals from canceling your vote

    Go here!

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