A family member had a post on their Facebook page that read,

“SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT … If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 yrs. hard labor. If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you get shot. Two Americans just got eight years for crossing the Iranian border. If you cross the U. S. border illegally you get a job, a driver’s license, food stamps, a place to live, health care, housing & child benefits, education, & a tax free business for 7 yrs… No wonder we are a country in debt.”

I did a little more research and found out that most countries will arrest and either deport or jail people that cross their borders illegally.

Even our beloved Mexican neighbors to the south, who have vehemently opposed Arizona and Alabama’s immigration laws, will arrest and deport people that enter their county illegally. In 2003, Dog the Bounty Hunter travelled to Puerto Vallarta after one of his quarries. Mexican police arrested Dog and his two member film crew for being in the country illegally. They were detained in a Mexican jail until arrangements were made for their return to the US.

Just last week around 200 Tibetans were arrested in Nepal for entering the country illegally. They are currently being detained at an immigration jail and most likely face deportation.

After 9/11, the US tightened up its borders and passport requirements. A number of nations followed suit. Nations, like the US that only required a photo ID like a valid driver’s license from one of a number of friendly and neighboring countries, now require valid passports.

At a time when the threat of terrorist attacks on US soil has never been greater, one has to wonder why the current administration has not taken stronger measures to shore up the borders. In Arizona, there have been numerous artifacts left behind by illegal aliens that identify them as being Muslim. Muslims are the number one group of people that have been plotting terrorist attacks against America and its citizens.

But like the email I received says, we give them a job, a driver’s license, food stamps, a place to live, health care, housing & child benefits, education, & a tax free business for 7 years.

American’s can’t find jobs, they don’t get free health or child care, they don’t get free education (at the least they have to pay taxes for schools) and they don’t get a tax free business.

No wonder so many foreigners love our country more than many Americans do. To them, it is the land of free milk and free honey.

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