I heard that Acting Secretary Chad Wolf of Homeland Security has not named Antifa as a terrorist threat. This got me so mad that I went to their website, and found a forum to post on. Instead of repeating everything here, I would like to invite you to the Homeland Security Forum. There I discuss what is Cultural Marxism and the pedigree of Marxism that has been a long time in America.


It is in the Academic Engagement section. Read it for your own personal self-education and if you have something to add, please do so in an academic, professional way.

That thread is like a small university course. I try to fill each post with research material. Look for attachments with longer scholarly research material. This is important because it is Cultural Marxism that is pushing immigration and the riots in our cities. It is the Cultural Marxism that has infected a lot of our Federal Agencies and is the basis of the 2018 soft Coup-de-etat against President Trump. It is Cultural Marxism and its violent movement Antifa that is affecting us all.