Thursday, August 27, 2015

DEA: Mexican Cartel influence in the U.S. 2015

By Lucio R. for Borderland Beat. Material from U.S. D.E.A. agency 2015 report
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The information in this report, and maps, reflect data collected by the United States Criminal Task Force (OCDETF)

The report identifies cartel cells operating in the U.S. as:

Sinaloa, Gulf Cartel (CDG), Juarez, Los Caballeros Templarios (LCT) Beltran-Leyva (BLO), CJNG, Los Zetas, and Las Moicas.

Presently limited to the West Coast, CJNG has ventured into the U.S., news reports have indicated that CJNG is challenging Sinaloa in some of its areas of influence.

Sinaloa maintains the most significant presence in the United States, dominating the west coast, Northeast and Midwest.

CDG and Zetas dominate the southwest border.

LCT: continues to traffic through cells and splinter groups.

BLO: Most influence is on the east coast and is responsible for most the heroin in Denver

Las Moicas (Michoacán) remains a regional supplier on the west coast.

Heroin overdose deaths increased by triple from 2010 to 2013, see OD map above

Increased demands for heroin stems from increased availability, and RX drug abusers replacing expensive prescription drugs to the much lower priced heroin.

Cartel operating influence in Texas

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2015: Mexican Cartels U.S. Areas of Influence by Chivis Martinez