Satire by John W. Lillpop

Because the format of the latest Democrat debate was based on racial profiling and pandering to illegal aliens, hundreds of millions of decent American citizens were unable to understand the words of wisdom and wit that flowed from the 10 least qualified presidential candidates in U.S. history.

For the benefit of those who do not, cannot, and never will speak Spanish, fret not. All that you really missed is proof positive that this crop of liberal misfits is made up of double talking traitors who can lie in two languages!

As a service to real Americans who speak real American, the debate transcripts have been analyzed. A sampling of the most frequent answers from the Democrats follows:

* George Bush's 'surge' has failed. The Iraq war has been lost.

* There are no 'illegal' human beings, except for Republicans named Bush and Cheney.

* Elvira Arellano should be escorted back into the U.S., given full citizenship rights, and elected to the U.S. Senate to replace John Warner and or Chuck Hagel.

* Deportations must cease, except for Hispanic Republicans who should be shipped out regardless of immigration status.

* Comprehensive immigration reform is needed to bring millions of undocumented Americans out of the shadows where they will be free to join the Democrat party and vote Democrat for life.

* General Petraeus, You Betrayed Us!

* George Bush lied, People Died!

There you go--the eight most common declarations from the liberal nut cases who would, given the chance, cut $450 billion out of the defense and homeland security budgets and use the money to pay for public services for illegal aliens.

That is Loco, in any language!