Democrats’ Own Polling Data Shows 2014 Midterms Will Be Huge Win For Republicans, Says Limbaugh

Mike Miller
On February 14, 2014

Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that this year’s midterms will be “a wave election like 2010,” with voters kicking out Democrats “every chance they get.” He also said Democrats own polling data proves it.
As a result, Limbaugh says some Democrats are throwing in the towel and retiring rather than be voted out of office on the reverse-coattails of Barack Obama and his disastrous policies.
“They’re in the swan song portion of their lives anyway. Waxman, he doesn’t want to be a member of a minority in the House of Representatives, where basically all they’re doing is writing executive orders for Obama. … These people don’t want to be in the minority. It’s no fun.”
As for his comparison of 2014 to the 2010 midterm elections, of which even Barack Obama said, “We got shellacked,” Limbaugh explained:
“But here’s the thing — and I’m not trying to jinx anything: I think this is setting up every bit as big as 2010, if not bigger. The Tea Party, the American people are livid by what’s going on how they [Democrats] are. I mean, nobody on our side is uninformed or unprepared or not aware of what’s going on. They’re [Democrats] beside themselves. They don’t know what to do.”
Of course, Democrats are certain to dismiss Limbaugh’s comments as nothing more than hyperbolic wishful thinking, but think about it: Congressmen like Mark Begich and Mark Udall, among others, say they don’t even want Barack Obama to campaign for them.
Will Rush be proved right? Tell us what you think.