Democrats Leading Push For Legal Parity Between Citizens And Illegal Aliens In New York

September 16, 2014 by Ben Bullard


Ahead of a general election that could flip control of the New York State Senate to the Democratic Party, right-leaning media outlets are beginning to take note of an already-active bill that seeks to immensely expand the state’s legal accommodation for illegal immigrants — up to and including the right to run for public office — simply by recognizing them as “New York State Citizens.”
Sounds like a case for the Department of Justice.
Done laughing? The “New York is Home” bill, introduced in June by Democratic New York Sen. Gustavo Rivera, would bestow a bounty of citizens’ rights on illegals who’ve made New York their home. The law “would bar police from releasing any information about them to the feds, unless it involves a criminal warrant unrelated to their immigration status,” the New York Post wrote Monday. “Under the proposed legislation, undocumented immigrants could also apply for professional licenses and serve on juries.”
It would also grant them the right to vote (but not in Federal elections) and even to run for office, according to Bloomberg.
That all sounds ambitious and far-flung until you read the bill, which begins by flatly stating its purpose: “To establish New York State citizenship, regardless of immigration status, and providing certain rights and benefits to persons with such citizenship.”
Is it a stunt? Well, California along with several other states have already moved to grant drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. And Democratic officials in New York aren’t ramping up the rhetoric into Harry Reid-worthy hyperbole; rather, they’re speaking in reserved, realistic tones about the likelihood of its passage and enactment. “The bill would have a better shot at passing with a Democratic Senate,” one legislator told the Post.
Republicans are taking it seriously, too. “This bill could pass if the Democrats are in charge of the Senate,” state Sen. Marty Golden told the paper. “They’re out of their minds…This is astounding. This undermines our nation’s immigration laws and procedures.”