The Department of Homeland Surrender | American-Rattlesnake

One of the themes weve tried to impress upon our audience over the past three years is the multidimensional nature of immigration. Its not simply a single issue among a panoply of issues that animate the cut and thrust of politics. It encompasses everything from economics to culture, including crime, education, health care, terrorism, and the budget-as the states which are buckling under the costs of caring for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and immigrants can attest to-as well as first principles.
Who are we as a country? For what purpose(s) does our government exist? Who decides what immigrants become Americans? Should we discard or modify our principles in order to adapt to the mores and culture of newcomers, or should they adapt to American values as a precondition of settlement? These are some of the questions addressed by our friend Michael Cutler in a fantastic speech to the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition earlier this month. I urge you to listen to it in its entirety.