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    A Destructive President

    February 17, 2014

    A Destructive President

    By Eileen F. Toplansky

    President Barack Obama never admits to a mistake. Instead, egregious lawlessness is fluffed away as "not a smidgen of scandal" in relation to the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups. Instead of being a great leader, Obama distances himself and lets his appointees hide behind the law or simply exempt themselves from total disclosure. Thus, Lois Lerner can refuse to answer any questions or testify when she is brought before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Cindy Thomas, who was in charge of the IRS's Exempt Organization office and who illegally released confidential information about nine conservative organizations, can be promoted.

    How else does Obama evade taking responsibility for his actions? Even though the president claimed he had no knowledge of the gun running program known as Fast and Furious, he claimed executive privilege. But one cannot assert executive privilege over documents that one has allegedly never seen. This is just one in the litany of obfuscations by Obama. And instead of taking responsibility for Fast and Furious, Obama falsely attributes the program to President Bush. Operation Fast and Furious began in October 2009, nine months after Obama took office. In fact, under President Bush there was a program known as Operation Wide Receiver, an "entirely separate program that implemented tactics in a profoundly different way;" furthermore, Operation Wide Receiver ended in 2007.

    Of ObamaCare, the president simply refuses to acknowledge the irreparable harm to millions of Americans. As a result of the misnamed Affordable Care Act "a health care system that insured 85% of the nation" has now been decimated. People have lost the insurance they liked and could afford. Cancer patients, including a member of Congress, have lost access to their oncologists as well as their cancer
    treatment hospitals as a direct result of ObamaCare. One need only read David Limbaugh to understand the deep deception of Obama as he hurls the country headlong into this abyss known as ObamaCare.

    Never owning up to errors that keep accumulating is clearly a mark of a leader who wishes to do harm to his country. When an individual has "strong personal accountability, he spends no time defending his actions, blaming others or trying to cover up problems." Instead, he will "spend all [his] time on finding solutions." Clearly, what with destroying relationships with allies, hosting White House dinner parties, playing golf, and going on numerous vacations, Obama has little time to consider, let alone aid Americans who are suffering. And, of course, he has to blame someone for the problems he has created. Because of these character flaws, Obama would not even pass the interview questions posted at this site that are used to gauge potential leadership qualities of a prospective employee.

    Besides the extreme left-wing ideology that drives him, Obama is an example of overweening hubris and, thus, could never admire George Washington, "first in the hearts of his countrymen." David J. Bobb in his book titled Humility: An Unlikely Biography of America's Greatest Virtue demonstrates that "greatness and humility are not mutually exclusive." In fact, they need each other since "humility acts as the guardrail to greatness." This is a lesson Obama and his cronies have never and will never learn. But for Americans to regain our worthy place in the universe, we need to delineate and demand that our chosen leaders abandon "cocksure, supercilious, and narcissistic displays of arrogance" (4). Those in Congress on either side of the party divide cannot make laws that they do not have to abide by, e.g., ObamaCare.

    In fact, the genuine humility exhibited by George Washington "requires that we admit when we are wrong and then change course." Obama and his czars and other appointees lack this one ingredient which is why they so nonchalantly trample Americans' rights and never admit that they have engaged in illegalities. Clearly, this president, by abusing executive privilege is engaged in dictatorial abuses. How many more unconstitutional acts can Americans expect from this man? Until the American people make him answerable for his deeds and his misfeasance, nonfeasance, and malfeasance, Obama will continue to be "puffed up with [his] own worth and seek greater power and recognition at the expense of others" (10).A leader needs to "rise and meet and defeat a challenge posed by an invidious foe" (25) but what does Obama do? He makes a deal that never sees the light of day as Hassan Rouhani gleefully tweets that Iran's "relationship w/the world is based on Iranian nation's interests. In the Geneva agreement world powers surrendered to Iranian nation's will." Obama meets with avowed enemies of America, installs them as advisors to the White House and bestows taxpayer money on them so they can perpetrate their animus against us and our allies. He appoints people who hint at invading Israel. While Churchill undertook to defeat the Nazis, Obama fervently embraces the jihadists.

    Obama's lust for power is indicative of his not achieving good, but rather the appearance of it. And, "a prince can also pretend to be humble. But he should never lose the pride that is fueled by his ambition. The end, or goal, is power -- gaining it, retaining it, and passing it on" (42). Thus, Obama's incessant executive orders, his bypassing of Congress, his shredding of the Constitution, his indifference to America's ideals and her people are his modus operandi as he ascends to an imperial station.

    During his office, George Washington certainly could have followed the "playbook of many previous dictators in claiming to speak and act on behalf of 'the people'" (60). Furthermore, by "operating the military 'on their behalf' by accumulating more and more power, Washington could have also assumed control of the federal treasury, thereby taking over the power of taxation so as to increase the protection of 'the people'" (60).

    Our first president did not; he understood the proper boundaries. The same cannot be said for the 44th president. In fact, the aforementioned words aptly portray the actions of Obama as he dismisses American military might and wrests more and more power via the IRS, the NSA, and Agenda 21.

    According to Bobb, in his copy of the Constitution, George Washington's only marginal notes are "those related to the powers of the president." Thus, Washington knew "that if the Constitutional Convention were to be successful, the nation would have to rely upon him less and upon the people more" (69).

    And when George Washington quoted the Bible, it was "not political propaganda or a nod to civil religion but a reminder of duties he shared with his fellow citizens" (65). What a striking contrast to the 2009 Christmas White House tree that had one ornament containing the face of Mao Zedong.
    Moreover, when Washington spoke, he expressed concern for future generations, whom he called the "unborn millions." Consider, however, how Obama, continues to saddle the "unborn millions" with onerous [COLOR=#11B000 !important]financial[/COLOR] burdens as America spirals towards $18 trillion dollars in debt.

    Washington's career "established the American precedent that no person, including the president, is above the laws and the Constitution" (75). In this You Tube, Obama's deceptions are documented (in his own words) and highlight the stark contrast between these two presidents. Be it legend or otherwise, that cherry tree tale tells us that America's first president "could not tell a lie." What a quaint thought!

    Historically, hubris has brought down many a dictator but not before great harm was done to the people. In Greek mythology, Nemesis, the goddess, "was the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumbed to hubris (arrogance before the gods)." Thus, for the "ancient Greeks, hubris went before Nemesis" but unless we take to heart what President Washington said in 1789 to the Pennsylvania Legislature, we will continue to sink into Obama's despotism.
    The virtue, moderation, and patriotism which marked the steps of the American People in framing, adopting, and thus far carrying into effect our present system of Government, has excited the admiration of Nations; and it only now remains for us to act up to those principles, which should characterize a free and enlightened People, that we may gain respect abroad and ensure happiness and safety to ourselves and to our posterity.

    It should be the highest ambition of every American to extend his views beyond himself, and to bear in mind that his conduct will not only affect himself, his country, and his immediate posterity; but that its influence may be co-extensive with the world, and stamp political happiness or misery on ages yet unborn.

    We need to emulate the early Americans who feared the immense power of their leaders and gave trust to those freedom-loving leaders who truly earned it by their righteous deeds, not by their vacuous words and contemptible actions.

    Eileen can be reached at

    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook
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    February 17, 2014 After decrying inequality, Obama golfs at personal course of mega-billionaire

    Thomas Lifson
    Inequality in America is a terrible thing, unless it results in a nice afternoon at a golf course so private that "uncrowded" does not begin to describe the solitude a presidential foursome can enjoy. Few things in this world are more unequally enjoyed than the luxury of a personal golf course. But our inequality-hating president found the time to enjoy one yesterday. The Hill reported yesterday:
    President Obama is going golfing on Sunday at a private course owned by billionaire Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison.

    Obama is staying at the Sunnylands estate outside of Palm Springs, Calif., over the weekend, after delivering a speech on the state's drought at a farm near Fresno and meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II on Friday. He went golfing on Saturday with three longtime friends from Hawaii, who are also filling out the foursome on Sunday.
    Ellison's 19-hole golf course in Rancho Mirage, Calif., sits on a 249-acre desert estate called Porcupine Creek that also hosts four guesthouses, a swimming pool, driving range and Mediterranean-style villa, according to The Los Angeles Times.

    Obama's host Ellison is reported to be worth $41 billion, and is renowned for his sporting activities, including the America's Cup race, another sport inaccessible to all but the richest. Yet instead of recoiling in horror from this embodiment of the unequal distribution of wealth, Barack Obama is not just happy to indulge himself, he brings in his posse of childhood friends to enjoy the privileges of the ultra-rich.

    The ultra-rich are not and never will be the real target of Democratic Party rants against inequality. Instead, they reserve their venom for the hard-working entrepreneurial and technical/professional classes who seek to rise from upper middle-class ranks into bourgeois affluence. These strivers are the real enemy because they give the lie to the cant of victimhood and unfairness that mobilizes the Democrat voting base. It is much easier to hate your boss, or the person whose nice house you drive past every day, than it is to hate George Soros, or Larry Ellison, or Bill Gates, whose personal digs are distant, inaccessible, and unthinkably remote in terms of achievement.

    If ordinary people all across America show that hard work, savings in order to accumulate capital, and focused intellect actually create and then enjoy new wealth, then others may get the notion that they, too, don't really need big government to ensure their shot at happiness. If wealth creation seems a real possibility because you have personally seen others do it in your city or town, that is truly subversive to the vision of a transformed America the Obamas and the Democrats are peddling.

    So never mind the 1% of the 1% with whom Barack Obama plays. They are not the enemy he demonizes (although he may remind them from time to time that he is the only thing that stands between them and the pitchforks as he shakes them down). His real hatred is for people more visible to the masses --the term dear to Marxists -- in their daily lives, whose achievements validate a system that makes the government-as-economic-savior irrelevant.

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    February 17, 2014 Sandbagging Princes Shame King and Queen Obama

    Jeannie DeAngelis
    Just when you thought it couldn't get any more embarrassing for America's self-appointed monarchs, His Highness King Barack and the Sovereign Queen Michelle, two kids go and shame them in front of the whole world.

    This time British Princes William and Harry did the honors.

    Coincidentally, on the same day that Michelle Obama's airplane closed down the Aspen Airport so she and her personal entourage could go skiing at Buttermilk, over in Great Britain, 80-mph winds, "landslips[,] and fallen trees caused havoc on the rail network, and some arriving flights were diverted from London's Heathrow to other airports amid fierce bouts of wind."

    So, while wannabe American royalty were on their 23rd vacation or so, the heir to the throne of Britain and his little brother Harry spent the day on the southwestern coast of England sandbagging a burst wall to protect the property of lowly British citizens.
    For the entire world to see, as they slogged through the mud working next to ordinary citizens, Wills and Harry were emulating their late mother, Princess Diana. Also setting a high bar for their heirs were "Let's Move!" Michelle and Barry the Sandbagger, who spent the day knee-deep in powdery snowflakes and sand traps.

    Interestingly, neither prince chose to tour swamped properties from a helicopter. More importantly, the brothers had nothing to gain; British monarchy doesn't need to pretend to befriend chubby Republican governors before an election, further unpopular policy, politick, or screen for potential victims to exploit in a fundraising ad.

    Instead, while Sasha and Malia, who've been taught to be altruistic once a year on "Pardon a Turkey Day," were being tutored by example on how pampered elitists behave, two selfless princes voluntarily toiled away in the muck and wind-whipped rain, dressed in unpretentious rain slickers and galoshes.

    The president chooses to ignore five million ObamaCare victims whose lives have been turned upside-down not by Mother Nature, but by the purposeful policies of Obama's oppressive Nanny State. On the other side of the ocean, in another Nanny State, Queen Elizabeth II set a kindly example by sending food and bedding from "the royal farms at Windsor to farmers whose land has been inundated."

    Over five thousand miles away from this act of generosity, Barack Obama kicked back in 82° weather on the luxurious Annenberg estate in Rancho Mirage, California. It's a stark contrast to two gallant men, free of ulterior motives, unloading sandbags in a River Thames village where the river burst its banks.

    But, in fairness, as a prerequisite to three days of unencumbered golf, back in Palm Springs Obama did take part in an obligatory dinner with Jordanian King Abdullah II. Then, in Fresno, California, prior to enjoying that much-needed post-Hawaii vacation R & R, Obama performed a civic duty himself when he pushed global warming nonsense by discussing federal aid for drought-stricken farmers.

    Come to think of it, it's too bad the British royals weren't available, because the president could have really used some star power to lend credibility to a $1-billion "climate change resilience fund" he's proposing.

    Compliments of the American taxpayer, President Obama could have flown the monarchs to Fresno aboard Air Force One. Once the princes arrived, the president could have, sorry, used his enviable charm to convince the princes to cite global warming as being responsible for the burst riverbanks and swamped property in England.

    Then, when he was finished exploiting William and Harry to advance his own agenda, King Obama could have dismissed the princes and gone golfing.

    Jeannie hosts a blog at

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    Oliver Stone: Obama is Weak and Spineless Man

    Published on Feb 19, 2014

    BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
    February 19, 2014 8:41 am
    Hollywood director and ardent liberal Oliver Stone attacked President Obama from the left this past weekend, saying the President reneged on his campaign promises and has a “lack of spine”.
    “Something happened because none of the things he promised…transparency, a government that would reconsider the war on terror and these programs… none of that happened. None of it,” Stone said to a Washington, DC panel.
    Stone called Obama a “weak man” who sold out once he “took the private option over the public option,” in his healthcare reforms. Stone also labeled Obama’s first Secretary of Defense Robert Gates a “criminal”, and said that once Hillary Clinton was tapped as Secretary of State he knew that President Obama would be completely different from candidate Obama.

    Oliver Stone: Obama is Weak and Spineless Man
    February 19, 2014

    What a dumb moron, he acts like he is on drugs....did he mention McCain...thank God we didn't get that jerk, Obama is bad enough!!!!

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    Congress Unconscionably Silent on Obama's Constitutional Crimes

    The president's willingness to violate the Constitution publicly calls into question his fitness for office.

    Andrew Napolitano | February 20, 2014

    Justin Sloan/Flickr


    MORE ARTICLES BY Andrew Napolitano

    The political philosopher Edmund Burke once remarked that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good folks to do nothing. A glaring example of the impending triumph of a constitutional evil that could be stopped by folks who have been largely silent is the tyranny coming from the White House. And the folks who can stop this and are doing nothing about it are our elected representatives in Congress.

    The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It established the three branches of government, and it delegated "all legislative powers" to Congress. American law rarely uses the word "all." Yet the Framers chose that word precisely to confine law writing to Congress and to prevent a president from altering federal law by the selective manner of his enforcement of it and thereby effectively rewriting it.

    The same Framers sought to guard against the same evils by compelling the president to swear at the commencement of his terms in office that he will "faithfully" enforce the laws. The use of the word "faithfully," like the use of the word "all," is intended to assure voters that they can count on a president who will do the job they hired him to do by enforcing federal laws, not evading them, and by enforcing them as Congress has written them, not as the president might wish them to be.

    To be fair, many presidents, from the sainted Thomas Jefferson to the tyrannical Franklin Delano Roosevelt, put their own spin on federal law. Jefferson pardoned all those convicted under the Alien and Sedition Acts because he hated a statute that punished free speech and he boasted that he would not enforce that part of the acts (they expired under his watch). And FDR—when barely two weeks in office—issued an executive order criminalizing the possession of gold because he foolishly thought it would stabilize the banks, until an adviser reminded him that only Congress can write criminal laws (which he then persuaded Congress to do). Yet in President Obama we have a president whose personal interferences in the enforcement of federal laws reveal his view that he can rewrite them and even nullify them.

    Presidential law writing violates the presidential oath of office, steals power from Congress, disrespects an equal branch of the government and, when unchecked, accumulates such power in the executive branch that it effectively transforms the president into a menacing tyrant who rejects his constitutional obligations and limitations.

    • Obama bombed Libya without a declaration of war from Congress. This arguably brought down the Gadhafi government, which led to the current state of lawlessness there, which produced the environment in which our ambassador was murdered in Benghazi in 2012 and established a dangerous precedent because Congress remained officially silent.

    • He has told the 11 million illegal immigrants who are here and subject to deportation that if they comply with a new set of rules they will not be deported. The constitutional problem is that the president wrote those rules. Only Congress can craft such rules, and by the president's doing so, he has schooled immigrants in how to avoid compliance with federal law.

    • The president has used drones to kill Americans, but claims he has done so lawfully because he complied with secret rules that he crafted. Under the Constitution, if the president wants someone dead, he must afford the person due process or ask Congress to declare war on the country housing the person. No worries, he says -- he has followed the secret rules that he wrote to govern himself when deciding whom to kill.

    • The president's agents now acknowledge that they spy on all of us all the time, including members of the judiciary and Congress. This, too, was done pursuant to a secret presidential directive, secretly approved by judges acting as clerks and not under the Constitution, and by a dozen members of Congress sworn to secrecy. No law authorized this, and the president won't discuss it meaningfully, except to condemn its revelation.

    • And in a series of salvos that hit home, the president has modified the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) 29 times, by changing its various dates of effectiveness for some but not for others, by changing the meanings of terms for some but not for others, and even by diluting the signature obligation we all have to obtain the platinum insurance policies it commands for some and not for others. He has done all of this on his own, with no input from Congress. He has even threatened to veto any congressional effort to enact into law the very changes he alone has made.

    His latest assault on the Constitution consists of a plan by the Department of Homeland Security, revealed earlier this week, effectively to follow us as we drive on public roads by photographing the license plate of all motor vehicles. This, too, was formulated without congressional approval or constitutional authority. [Editor's note: this plan was scrapped under heavy pressure from privacy advocates.]

    And while all of this is going on, Congress largely sits as a potted plant. In the Senate, Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Mike Lee (R-Utah) have complained long and loud, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not permit legislation that addresses presidential lawlessness to reach the Senate floor. A few dozen Republicans in the House have complained, but Speaker John Boehner will not permit the House to address corrective legislation. Institutionally and officially, Congress is sleeping.

    Can you imagine how a Democratic Congress would have reacted if Ronald Reagan had instructed the IRS to cease collecting capital gains taxes so as to spur economic activity; or how a Republican Congress would have reacted if Bill Clinton had instructed the IRS to add a one percent rate increase to the tax bills of billionaires so as to close a budget gap?

    These are dangerous times because this is a lawless presidency and a pliant Congress. The president's willingness to violate the Constitution publicly calls into question his fitness for office. And that deafening silence from Capitol Hill manifests a spineless refusal to preserve constitutional government.

    The whole purpose of dividing and separating governmental powers is the preservation of personal liberty by preventing the accumulation of too much power in one branch or, heaven forbid, in one person. Whoever permits this to take place lacks fidelity to the Constitution, is unworthy of holding governmental power in a free society and should be removed from office.

    Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel. Judge Napolitano has written seven books on the U.S. Constitution. The most recent is Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom.
    Media Contact Reprint Requests
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    Connecting the Obama Conspiracy Dots

    Posted on February 21, 2014

    I’m usually not one for conspiracy. Oswald killed JFK … alone. We did land on the moon. No aliens were recovered, or discovered at Roswell, and 9-11 was not an inside job.

    But lately, with this administration, it may be time to put reason aside – for I wouldn’t put it past this bunch to do, or at least try, anything.
    I recently wrote an article entitled “Is Revolution Inevitable.”

    In it I described how Justice Scalia is convinced that concentration/internment camps may very well be in our future. Okay, that’s a potential dot.
    Now recall the billions of rounds of ammo Homeland Security has purchased and are now moving on to purchasing sniper ammo. That’s a dot.

    Other agencies are purchasing guns and ammo, such as the Social Security Administration, the TSA, and the USPS. Yes, the Postal Service! (Gives a whole new meaning to “Going postal.")

    Want more? How about the IRS, the EPA, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and yes, even NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. That’s a big dot!

    Obamacare – huge dot – controlling who lives and who dies, plus a lot more.

    Recently Obama has come completely out of the despot closet to declare he will do what he wants, when he wants – ruling by executive decree and daring the legislature to stop him. Another rather large dot.

    In January, Eric Holder announced that the feds will be monitoring our children’s classrooms for disciplinary “disparities.” Schools are to monitor and gather information about student discipline to ensure “nondiscrimination.” I wonder what else the feds will demand of local schools under threat of blackmail? Give us what we want or kiss your federal funding goodbye! Once this Justice Department has a foothold in our schools, all bets are off. Between Common Core and now this – there is a dot.

    Now we learn that Obama is ordering the FCC to put government thugs monitors in newsrooms across the country, both TV and radio.

    The FCC claims, as reported by the ACLJ, that it desires information about “the process by which stories are selected” and how often stations cover “critical information needs” along with “perceived station bias” and “perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.” In other words – is the station serving the “community” properly? Of course, what’s proper will be determined by the Obamites.

    Now you and I know this is nonsense. The real reason is intimidation. Again, in other words, the “Free Press” will no longer be free.

    In the opinion of Rush, Glenn, and other conservative hosts of which I concur 100%, this “initiative” is designed solely to stamp out conservative talk radio and at least some of Fox news. That’s it! And with that, you can wave goodbye to the First Amendment. That’s a huge dot.

    Now connect these dots and you’ll see what I see. The transformation Obama predicted, a dictator ruling by fiat with armed civilian agencies. Children and teachers being indoctrinated in wholesale fashion, forced to conform to government edicts, the very real possibility of a free speech blackout and eventual control of every aspect of our lives through Obamacare.

    What about the camps Scalia described? They will be for those who don’t sit down and shut up, I guess.

    We are living historic events unfolding before us. We are witnessing a blitzkrieg. So rapid is this transformation, it is almost unfathomable. This may seem like hyperbole bordering on hysteria, but I know of no other way to describe what’s happening.

    I should’ve taken the blue pill!


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    Barack Obama's New America

    By Michael Reisig / 24 February 2014

    We have watched numerous changes take place in this country in the last 30 years – probably some of the most significant cultural, economic, and constitutional transformations this nation has ever seen. In the process we have witnessed the world respect for America diminish enormously, and our respect for the laws and the standards created by our forefathers simply disappear in smoke.

    Our president no longer concerns himself with trivial things like constitutions, and Congress is no longer two influential political elements working together for a better America, but a rather two diametrically opposed groups constantly at each other’s throats, with decisions not being based on the well being of this country but with a bitter, converse tenacity that reflects the balance of power – a well-dressed catfight rooted in vicious vendettas and disgusting brownnosing. Dignity and honor have long been shoved aside in the headlong race for ascendency.

    Incredibly, 50 percent of our population doesn’t care about any of this, as long as the check’s still in the mail. Even more incredible is the fact that this is exactly the plan of our present administration – to create a constituency so dependent on government that they will never vote out of the box they have built for themselves, and our president’s buddies in the Senate have given up concern about damage to the nation and The Constitution, as long as they get to stay in power.

    We have gone from a rural society to an urban society, and like any other type of creature that you crowd together, we have become easily angered, more inclined to violence, and less sympathetic to our fellow man. From the outside we may appear to offer more concern for human rights and individual dignity – but it’s a façade narrowly devised and designed to assist specific groups, not to enhance the general dignity of man. If you’re transgendered, or a racial or religious minority (or a combination thereof) you’re often given priority, from jobs and education, to government subsidies, but the rest of us have to pay for tuitions, scratch for jobs, and live carefully between the confines of this new political correctness. It’s not for us to reason why…

    We’re so mired in the dogma of equality we’ve forgotten what it actually means. In America we have to get past the concept that, in order to treat some people equally, we must treat them differently – equal is just what it means, anything beyond that takes us right back to someone being more special than someone else. Real equality is much like utopia – it sounds great, and looks good on paper, but given human nature, it’s an immensely difficult proposition. Ultimately, one group eventually gets tired of giving what they have to others, or the others get tired of not getting as much as they think they should have, and Democracy takes a nose dive. That’s why no true democracy has lasted more than a few hundred years, and I’m terrified we are reaching the end of its reign in America.

    Even more frightening is this new generation to whom we are leaving this country – buried in ipods, cell phones, and MP3s, and gathering all their decision-making information from Facebook and Twitter, they’ve practically forgotten what it’s like to actually read a book or a newspaper. Fanatically fascinated by flesh-eating zombies and blood-sucking vampires, and immersed in the worship of witless sports stars, half of them couldn’t tell you who the current vice president is. Lost to the “everyone gets a trophy” concept of competition, and the “no none is really bad, they just had unpleasant childhoods and are misunderstood” intellection of crime and punishment, these Pollyanna idiots are continually filling our streets with people unprepared for the real world, and packing our prisons with people who should have been strapped to a table, given a shot in the arm and allowed to count backwards from ten – and these are the folks who will be making the decisions for the next generation. God help us…

    Now, some of you will read this and say the rhetoric is way too harsh, that every generation has had its shortcomings. But this is a harsh world now, and it’s becoming more so all the time, whether you like it or not. While “survival of the fittest” may now have new intellectual connotations, it is no less true. America had better soon decide which is more important, political correctness or survival, because the wolves are at the gates.


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