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    No, Paul Ryan - What You Don't Get

    The immediate reaction from Republicans in the senate was no way. The key mouthpiece for Republicans is Paul Ryan.

    On the senate side, a flaming socialist piece of work, Patty Pancake Murray.

    Remember the Tail Hook set up back in '94? Most don't, but I do. I remember how Patty Pancake attempted to rake Admiral Frank Kelso, a 38 year veteran, over the coals for that purely political fiasco.........


    By: Devvy
    December 8, 2013

    "As the doctrine is that a public debt is a public blessing, so [the chickens of the treasury] think a perpetual one is a perpetual blessing, and therefore wish to make it so large that we can never pay it off." --Thomas Jefferson to Nicholas Lewis, 1792. ME 8:325On December 12, 2013, the thieves in the U.S. House of Representatives - both parties - announced with much fanfare a new two year budget agreement had been reached:
    House overwhelmingly approves two-year budget plan on a bipartisan vote
    "The House approved a two-year spending plan on Thursday evening, in a strong bipartisan vote that underscored the desire by many lawmakers to avoid a repeat of the October budget showdown....
    "House GOP leaders argue that the bipartisan plan is a good deal for conservatives, since they claim it will shave $23 billion off the deficit over the next decade. However, it also erases $65 billion in sequester cuts in the near-term, and conservative groups are worried the long-term savings might never materialize.....
    "Nobody was claiming that the pact was perfect. Some lawmakers said they were troubled by short-term increases in the deficit, $23.2 billion in 2014 and $18.2 billion the year after that."
    The immediate reaction from Republicans in the senate was no way. The key mouthpiece for Republicans is Paul Ryan. On the senate side, a flaming socialist piece of work, Patty Pancake Murray. Remember the Tail Hook set up back in '94? Most don't, but I do. I remember how Patty Pancake attempted to rake Admiral Frank Kelso, a 38 year veteran, over the coals for that purely political fiasco. A shameful day for the U.S. Senate as she vomited her accusations that Adm. Kelso was a disgrace to his uniform. The stupid female cows who voted her into office cheered like imbeciles.
    Pushing aside the usual Washington, DC., manure, here are the facts:
    Ryan twisted truth to sell budget deal to House
    "House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) misled his colleagues in the House of Representatives about several major areas of the budget deal he cut with Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), Breitbart News has learned. Misrepresentations include serious budget details ranging from how much deficit reduction is actually in the plan to how spending in this plan compares to spending if the current law, the Budget Control Act (BCA), remains the law of the land.
    "The budget deal passed the House 332-94 on Thursday evening, with 169 Republicans voting for it and 62 Republicans voting against it. The GOP support was thanks to Ryan's selling of the plan among his colleagues, who largely trust him despite many figures of the conservative movement turning against him. Now, it turns out, Ryan used a series of statements whose veracity is questionable at best to convince his colleagues to support the bill."Ryan's claim, for instance, that this plan ends up resulting in $23 billion in total deficit reduction is not true. Ryan and Murray did not ask the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to estimate interest payments on the $63 billion in increased spending that will need to be borrowed for the first couple of years of the budget. As such, the CBO score does not represent the full financial picture of the plan."
    More borrowing since the people's purse is over drawn a mind boggling $17 TRILLION plus. Some of those "cuts" don't even take affect until 2022. Fiscal conservatives immediately reacted with a cacophony of no way, totally unacceptable. Right away, RINO Speaker of the House, John Boehner, jumped into the fray with this:Conservative Groups' Reaction to Budget Deal Is 'Ridiculous'
    "House Speaker John Boehner went off on outside conservative groups Wednesday morning for pushing against the new budget deal. "They're using our members and they're using the American people for their own goals," he said. "This is ridiculous." Several key conservative groups are against the sequester relief within the new budget deal.
    "Though conservatives support more spending restraint, the discretionary spending limits defined in the Budget Control Act represent a promise to the American people to marginally slow the growth of government," reads a letter signed by the heads of Heritage Action, the Family Research Council, and the American Conservative Union. Heritage Action's Michael Needham penned an op-ed in USA Today on Tuesday calling the deal "a step backward." The Cato Institute called the deal a "huge Republican cave-in....
    "Rep. Paul Ryan also addressed his conservative critics Wednesday, calling the attacks from the right "a strange new normal." Ryan, for his part, is doing everything he can to remind his critics that he's a conservative."
    Think we don't understand the budget process? Wrong. I worked for DoD. I know all about "spend it or lose it" even if you don't need it. I know all about creative book keeping and the lies jackals like you, Paul Ryan, sell to under educated, uninformed, ignorant voters. Just keep promising to "bring home the bacon", which has been slowly bankrupting this country for decades.
    Of course, it's all about politics:
    Rep. Paul Ryan: 'To really do what we want, we're going to have to win elections'
    "Just after the vote, Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., blasted the House Republican leadership for pushing through “a two-year budget that will allow the federal government to spend an additional $63 billion more than current law allows – money that our country does not have. …
    “Sixty-three billion dollars of new spending – and therefore new taxes in some form – is not a small amount of money,” McClintock warned. “It averages about $570 of added burdens for every family in America. … The new congressional budget is a mistake at a time when we can't afford many more mistakes. The path of least resistance, even if paved with good intentions, is not a path America can afford to travel any longer.”
    "In a last-ditch effort to gather support for the measure as debate came to a close, Ryan declared, “I was part of the last presidential election. We tried defeating this president. I wish we would have. Elections have consequences. [T]o really do what we want, we're going to have to win elections.”
    Win elections, Mr. Ryan? In January 1995, Republicans rode into power in both the house and senate on the phony 'Contract for America' sold by another professional huckster, Newt Gingrich, until January 2007. They held both houses of Congress with a Republican president, Bush, Jr., for eight of those fourteen years.

    Complete and total power to return America to a limited form of Republican government. Instead, they outspent the Democrats.

    Win more elections for what? Why to elect more conservatives! The same breed that has continued to spend us into unpayable debt. This fellow even thinks Ryan is a genius:
    The Genius of Paul Ryan
    "Instead, Republicans can claim to be the party that is intent on working for all Americans. They have brokered a deal – not Obama, who once again sat on the sidelines taking “selfies” at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service – and showed the capability to govern a country that has been torn apart by Democratic partisanship for the past five years.
    "Republicans can lay claim to owning this deal while Obama and Reid can do nothing but nod and rubber stamp it. Otherwise, they will be the ones to shut down the government in January. They will be the ones to continue the sequester “that will costs jobs.” If the deal actually does reduce the deficit by $20-$23 billion, then that is a step in the right direction (albeit a small one), which fiscal conservatives need to be onboard with.
    "In terms of the political genius of this deal, the Republicans have a chance to remove a campaign issue and still get a small reduction in the deficit at the same time. This deal allows Republicans to focus the mid-term elections on Obamacare, which is the gift that keeps on giving. Finally, if this deal is a springboard to the Republicans re-taking the Senate while maintaining control of the House, it will put Obama in a box focusing on defending Obamacare until the end of his presidency. So for that, Paul Ryan, I say thank you!"
    Republicans can claim this and that so they can convince party faithful during those primaries next year to not only reelect the same thieves who have bankrupted this country, but bring in more just like them! Constitutionalists never get elected because the party machine always backs the incumbent, crushing challengers with money and muscle, and of course, vote fraud. Human and electronic stealing of our elections every two years while Americans are glued to the boob tube watching sports or mindless nonsense called reality shows.
    This is what Ryan doesn't get:
    1. After taking over both houses of Congress with a Republican president, did the Republicans abolish one single unconstitutional cabinet? Federal Department of Education: $66 BILLION borrowed dollars a year; EPA: $10 BILLION borrowed dollars a year; HHS: More than one TRILLION borrowed dollars a year.

    No. Did they stop raping us to give money to USAID and ALL foreign aid? No. Those poltroons steal $3 BILLION borrowed dollars a year to give to Israel; another $1.9 BILLION borrowed dollars a year to Egypt just to name two of the dozens of countries who receive money stolen from us in violation of the U.S. Constitution - ALL borrowed debt. Tens of billions year in and year out. More BORROWED billions for unconstitutional rape like dues to the United Nothing (UN), IMF, BIS and of course, the interest on the national debt caused by the Outlaw Congress -- both parties.
    Instead, Ryan, Boehner and their elite cohorts continued to spend us into astronomical debt ignoring their oath of office. Ryan and Boehner have been in the Outlaw Congress of Bandits for decades (Boehner for 23 years, Ryan for 14 years) pushing and passing spending bills for trillions of BORROWED dollars for the unconstitutional, grotesque invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and authorizing the murder of innocent men, women and children in Pakistan using drones. Paul Ryan, along with the other thieves in the U.S. Congress spit on the U.S. Constitution in 2008 when they voted to rape we the people in more taxes for:
    Paul Ryan explains his votes for TARP, bailouts and tax on AIG bonuses
    "Ryan: You know I don't hear it here at home that much. You've got to remember Obama won my district. Dukakis and Gore won my district. Clinton won my district. So I don't come from, you know, a red area. So I think it's important to keep in mind where I come from. I don't hear that here."
    Why do you think he gets reelected in a district which votes for socialists and Marxists like Hillary Clinton? Because Ryan is a big spending RINO. He could care less about the Constitution or a republican form of limited government.
    Ryan, Boehner and Nancy Pelosi have destroyed MILLIONS of good paying jobs by voting for "free" trade agreements gutting our most important job sectors that made America the greatest, debt free nation on earth. Ryan, Boehner and Pelosi all voted to keep America in the sovereignty killing WTO, further driving these united States of America into world government.
    The tea party movement is the one singled out as being extremist and fringe for opposing yet more spending when there is no money - only more borrowed debt:
    Tea Party Patriots Founder Jenny Beth Martin on Budget: This Is Why We Have Primaries
    "Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, affirmed the Tea Party's adamant opposition to the Ryan-Murray budget deal that passed the House Thursday night. House speaker John Boehner has criticized conservatives and Tea Party activists for opposing the budget compromise, referring to them as “outside groups” that are getting in the way of congressional progress.
    “Tea Party Patriots oppose this budget deal and are calling on Members of the Senate to vote against it,” she said. “However, there is little doubt of the outcome. Senators who are facing a primary challenge (McConnell, Graham, Alexander and Cornyn) will vote against the budget because they know their constituents oppose it." However, because there is a 60 vote threshold, their votes will be irrelevant and they know they are safe to vote against it so they can tell their voters they did the right thing," Martin explained.
    “This deal really exposes the true colors of several in the GOP establishment and their Washington political games," she stated.

    "It seems that during the ‘Defund Obamacare’ or ‘Exempt America’ battles, Speaker John Boehner and the House GOP played ‘good cop’ by standing with conservatives, while the establishment in the Senate played ‘bad cop.’ Now that so many established members of the Senate are facing primary opposition it comes as no surprise that they are now supporting the conservative cause, while Boehner and the House trade places,” continued Mrs. Martin.
    “The fact that Boehner attacked ‘outside groups’ is a telling sign that neither the House or Senate are interested in listening to the American people but doing whatever it takes to get re-elected. The GOP establishment created this battle by backing away conservative principles,” Martin declared."
    Martin is correct when she says dogs like Boehner and Ryan are only interested in getting reelected. It's sad it took the bank meltdown of 2008 for folks like her to realize the Washington establishment hasn't cared for decades what we the people want.

    But, it's not just folks who belong to tea party chapters. It's also 9-12 chapters and thousands of patriotic groups around the country who understand the core cancers and are fed up with Band Aids. The ones delighted with this new budget deal might surprise and perhaps sicken you:
    Business to Boehner: Hit ’em hard
    "Business lobbyists are pumping their fists over Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) slap-down of conservative groups. Executives at trade groups told The Hill they were pleasantly surprised by the strident remarks this week from the typically laid-back Speaker.
    “You didn't hear all the applause across downtown?” said Dirk Van Dongen, president and CEO of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW). “Folks were absolutely pleased that he said it. … It needed to be said.” Boehner this week said conservative groups had “lost all credibility” by opposing the budget pact before it was even released. He said the activist organizations are “using our members, and they're using the American people for their own goals.”
    "The rebuke was a clear shot at Heritage Action for America, the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks and other conservative groups that have proven adept at drumming up conservative opposition to legislation. Business groups, whose frustration with the Tea Party boiled over during the government shutdown, said Boehner’s broadside was long overdue.
    “I think we have all said it. The business community has been uniformly frustrated at how strident the ideological groups have been in defiance of reason,” said David French, senior vice president of government relations of the National Retail Federation.

    "Lobbyists said they are encouraged by the fact that the budget accord easily passed the lower chamber despite the opposition of outside groups. They hope it's a sign that the influence of the conservative organizations is on the wane. “Speaker Boehner said what a lot of us had been thinking for a long time, that these 'purity for profit' groups are taking advantage of well-meaning but politically naive members,” said one business group lobbyist. The pushback by Boehner comes as trade groups are vowing to protect business-friendly candidates in the 2014 elections."
    "They hope it's a sign that the influence of the conservative organizations is on the wane."? That says it all: Those fools know full well Ryan, Boehner and most Republicans in the House are not fiscal conservatives. Business friendly candidates? Who the hell do those business men think have been destroying the private sector for decades with endless, unconstitutional "laws" and regulations from government agencies? Who the hell do those business men think have been destroying small businesses and a free market system - particularly by the unconstitutional EPA?

    Republicans and Democratic/Communist Party USA members of the Outlaw Congress. Two wings on the same bird of prey.
    2. Paul Ryan and the other buzzards in the GOP - along with Demorats (socialists & Marxists) - have allowed the continued evisceration of the Bill of Right by refusing to stop all spying on Americans by the NSA. Ryan voted NO on requiring FISA warrants for wiretaps in US. Ryan voted YES on allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant. Ryan voted YES on the NDAA. In other words, just like the professional politician who "represents" me in the U.S. Senate, John Cornyn, both of them have never voted against any bill that destroys the Bill of Rights taking our freedoms and liberty.
    Nor have they impeached the worst activist judges on the federal bench. 14 years they had complete veto power to over ride the sitting president; eight years of total control with a Republican president and they did NOTHING except sell us out and spend us, our children and grand children into unpayable debt. Now those long time incumbents want us to reward them with a another primary win next year. The newly minted tea party incumbents are no better. They have sold us up the river of bleeding debt just like the "old establishment".
    What Ryan and his elite buddies don't get is we the people are sick and fed up with their phony fiscal conservatism which has only conserved more debt and their refusal to take on the head of the beast: the FED. The refusal of the Outlaw Congress - both parties - to address the disabilities of our monetary system have doomed this country to unpayable debt, recessions and depressions, booms and busts for 100 years this Dec. 23rd. The worst is coming at us like a freight train so people had better prepare themselves.
    Instead, the only thing "conservatives" in the Outlaw Congress like Ryan know how to do is continue spending while throwing some crumbs at the great unwashed in the form of cuts over a decade; the equivalent of an elephant trying to scratch his back with a toothpick.
    Due to the incredible ignorance of tens of millions of voters about the privately owned "Fed", the income tax and the other cancers consuming our nation, it's miscreants like Ryan who keep selling the same old horse manure every two years, win primaries and go right back to Washington, DC, for more of the same. Smaller government? You people are nothing but a pack of lying hyenas.
    And, when those thieves decide they need more money to spend for social welfare programs and waste, the place to cut is screwing veterans and their families:
    Ryan Defends Cutting Benefits for Military Retirees
    “We think that's bad,” Ryan said during a break between games at his son's basketball tournament. “We think that's not in our interest. We want 2014 to be a year where we don't keep cutting the military, and we focus on Obamacare, we focus on the conservative reforms we want to roll out, and we win the next election so we can start saving this country."
    "But the Ryan-Murray deal is not without its critics. In the Senate, a growing number of Republicans have objected to bill's provision to reduce the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) by one percentage point for military retirees under the age of 62."
    Ryan has never served in the military. In 2008 he wanted to cut the budget for the monumental failure called Department of Veterans Affairs - probably the worst run department in the General Government. The VA is a national disgrace allowed to continue it's incompetence year after year after year because of political appointees put in charge who couldn't fund their arse with written instructions. The good folks who work in the VA have their hands tied while our veterans suffer.
    As for cutting the COLA for under 62 retirees: How typical of those buzzards to give and then decide to take away to spend on nonsense. Not all military retirees are flag grade officers; the majority are enlisted and every penny for them and their families is crucial to survival - especially if the vet is disabled.
    3. Last but certainly not least: Ryan and the other 434 members of the U.S. House and the 100 unlawfully serving senators allowed a constitutionally ineligible candidate, Barry Soetoro aka Obama, to take the oath of office - twice. Gutless cowards. MILLIONS of Americans have known for years Soetoro usurped the office of president. Every single member of the U.S. Congress has the physical proof Soetoro used a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service registration and is using someone else's SSN. That is a fact.
    Rep. Steve Stockman [R-TX] we know has been approaching members of his party since last July with the evidence and still those gutless, yellow bellied cowards refuse to confront the fraud in the White House. The whole bunch has allowed the biggest fraud in the history of this country to occupy the White House for almost five years issuing his edits and destructive policies crushing our republic. For that every one of them should be thrown out of office.
    What you don't get, Paul Ryan, is we the people are fed up with elite, career politicians like you, Boehner and others of your ilk and your repackaged BS every two years during the elections which produces more of the same.
    Likely Ryan will win his primary next year thanks to voters who have no understanding of all I have written above and vote fraud. John Boehner will probably win "a close one" in his primary; again. Vote fraud ensures the puppets who serve their global masters remain in office. Republican challengers to Democratic/Communist Party USA incumbents will likely take more seats in the House and Senate during the primary "season" as long as they are Band Aid Pushers; do take time to read this column. There will be primaries for Congress in a few short months. I pray Americans, regardless of party, vote against every incumbent in the House because not one of them is addressing the core cancers and all continue to vote for unconstitutional spending like the Federal Department of Education.

    Our only hope of stopping some of the tyranny out of the District of Criminals must come from the states: The Purse and Sword. Every adult aged American should watch that presentation -- especially your state rep and senator. Once you see it you will know the solutions are right there waiting for our state legislatures to implement them. Sadly, our state legislature here in Texas has no interest in solutions, only more boasting of how great things are in this state. An illusion like "our recovering economy". They will soon eat their boasting, cold.
    What other name but whores?
    1 - Lawmakers Who Oversee Government Surveillance Programs Receive Millions From Intelligence Companies
    2 - The nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics has calculated that more than 151 members of Congress have up to $195 million invested in major defense contractors that are earning profits from the US military occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    3 - Stop with the demand "Congress create jobs" rhetoric
    4 - Neither Romney or the Impostor President Will Create Jobs

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    © 2013 - and Devvy - All Rights Reserved

    Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Devvy is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.Devvy's regularly posted new columns are on her site at: You can also sign up for her free email alerts.

    E-mail is:
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