Dinesh D’Souza: My Rap Sheet Is Nothing Compared To The Clintons’

Political Reporter
11:56 AM 07/04/2015

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza remarked on the Hellish nature of a potential Hillary Clinton presidency and said his own criminal rap sheet is nothing compared to the one compiled by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In a candid interview in the New York Times magazine July 2, D’Souza talks at length about his experience in the American penal system, from which he was recently released after serving time for a campaign finance violation.

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“If you put my rap sheet alongside the Clinton rap sheet, I think that would be almost a prima facie case that they have gotten away with far more than I have. My crime consisted of giving away too much money. I didn’t benefit from it in any way,” D’Souza said.
“When I think of a Hillary administration, I’m reminded of the sign on the outer gates of hell [in Dante’s ‘Inferno’]: ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here,'” D’Souza said.

D’Souza would know about Hell, having served eight months in a California confinement center after being prosecuted by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, a top candidate to become attorney general in a Hillary Clinton administration.

“I thought of myself as an anthropologist with a rare opportunity to, you might say, study the natives,” D’Souza said of his fellow prisoners.

“They all acknowledged their guilt but argued that they were the small fry. They believe that the real criminals are not only part of the system, they are running the system, and, in fact, that they are the system and that, at its highest level, America is a crime syndicate,” D’Souza added.