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    Disruption at Anti-Illegal Immigration Meeting Today

    I received this e-mail message today from Oregonians for Immigration Reform, Portland's best and most organized anti-illegal alien PAC. It's pretty pathetic that the open borders crowd have aligned themselves with self described anarchists.

    This would be like us enlisting the white supremicists or neo-nazis to fight on our behalf. Thankfully, we have more integrity than that. Here is the e-mail from OFIR, please share this with other groups throughout the country so they can be prepared for such disruptions.

    OFIR members and supporters:

    Today for the first time an OFIR meeting was disrupted by anarchists from Portland. As the meeting progressed they became increasingly disruptive. Fortunately the meeting was held in Salem, which has an excellent police force. Once the police arrived the disrupters were asked to leave and they did so grudgingly. Thanks to the Salem (Oregon) Police for their quick response and the professional way in which they handled the situation.

    Unfortunately someone stole the sign up sheet. If anyone who was at the meeting and signed up on the sheet starts to receive harassing phone calls and/or e-mails we urge you to notify the police and explain how your name and phone were likely obtained.

    OFIR meetings are open to people of goodwill who are concerned about the impact of illegal immigration in America. Anyone who is disruptive will be asked to leave.
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    Guess the Camber of Commerce wants those illegal votes and cheap labor at any cost . And yes i blame them cause they are no difference than Nazi Black Boots. Their every where pushing their agenda . Course i really hope i'm wrong , but they've shown very little class or support for America the past few years
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    Mr. Roan Garcia Quintana, founder of Americans Have Had Enough ( told me in a phone conversation last month that he calls the Chamber of Commerce the "SHAMEBER of Commerce!"

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    In my experience, commonly the most zealous defenders of illegal immigrants and open borders policies are Anarchists and Socialists. And I suppose it makes sense because those are the folks who are philosophically unhappy with the U.S. as it is currently run and orchestrated. As limitless immigration would drastically change America, it shouldn't be surprising that it's something they support.

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