My email from congressman Dan Boren,
Thank you for contacting my office to share your immigration survey and your concerns, particularly relating to important issues like amnesty, totalization and guest worker caps. I share your concerns and assure you that I am doing everything I can to keep America safe a nd preserve quality jobs in Oklahoma .

On December 16, 2005, the House of Representatives passed the Border Protection, Antiterrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act (H.R. 4437). This legislation included provisions that would make illegal residenc e in the United States a felony and that significantly strengthen penalties for illegal immigrants involved in drug trafficking. This legislation did not include a guest worker program and no amendments to create a guest worker program were considered. I voted for this legislation because it is a first step towards securing our borders and solving the illegal immigration issues our nation is facing. The Senate passed their own version of an immigration reform bill (S. 2611), and now the House and Senate must conference the two bills to resolve their differences.

I believe immigration laws should reflect our common-sense Oklahoma values and protect quality jobs for hard-working Oklahomans. I am opposed to illegal immigration and believe that we should more actively enforce immigration laws. While America has always been a welcoming nation, illegal immigration creates an undercla ss of workers who provide unfair competition with hardworking Americans struggling just to make ends meet. That is why I have fought for funding to enforce the immigration laws we already have. I have also recently voted for reforms like strengthening dr ivers license requirements, establishing better standards for admitting asylum-seekers and giving the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to build a fortified border fence near San Diego .

The great promise of America is simple: a better life for all who work for it. As we all know, the opportunity to build a better future starts with a quality job. That is why I go to work every day in Congress to help American jobs and American workers.