[WATCH] DML Warns Armored Border Crossing War On America

in News, Videos / by Brandon Walker / on June 12, 2014 at 9:01 am /

Do you honestly think granting Amnesty is being considered for the children? A man by the name of Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) warns of armored vehicles in tunnels and the boarder crossing war in America.
For those that do not know who DML is, he is an independent film maker that has been documenting the escalating war on the border. This is not a joke for the people in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. This war on the border has become a very real aspect of our lives. His 2012 documentary, They Come to America, opened many people’s eyes to what is really happening down south. He also made a sequel and is headed to Laredo, Texas, to start on a third.
DML went on FOX news with Kelly and Judge Napolitano to discuss the border issue and the legalities of our border being over run.
Meanwhile his website put out a dire warning. Three heavily armored cartel vehicles were discovered ready to roll right over the Texas border in an act of war.
If you’ve seen They Come to America and its sequel, then you know the truth about the border. You know the Mexican drug cartels are working with Islamic terrorist networks. DML told you about the congressional reports confirming that terrorists can make their way across the border and then back into Mexico at will.
Now consider reports from the Border Patrol. They claim illegal crossings increase by more than 70% every time DC speaks about amnesty and slowing down deportations. More illegal crossings create greater distractions for the BP. The result, smugglers are pushing the envelope and working with highly dangerous people. It’s no longer just drugs and humans being smuggled into the US.
This weekend, the level of smuggling hit a new level. An anonymous tip led Mexican police to a tunnel in the Sybas neighborhood of Reynosa, which borders Texas. The tunnel was 180 feet long, 18 feet wide and 9 feet high. Authorities found three armored trucks, grenade launchers, military-type clothing, communications equipment and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
The harm being caused to the United States is not being reported. For instance, the information within this post was gathered from a small, local TV station in TX. Americans are not being informed, which means they won’t demand change. We will soon pay a high price in exchange for cheap votes and cheap labor. ~DML Daily
On national TV, the Kelly File, Judge Andrew Napolitano and DML hammer several points home on the border issue. This is not a joke or a drill. They hit on several key areas that I have been telling you. The media has a tendency to ignore it, but at this rate it is an open deceleration of war on the sovereignty of the United States. Groups like LaRaza want to kill all Gringos or breed them out of existence, as stated boldly by a University of Texas professor. Instead of receiving a pink slip, he received an award.
Whether you watch FOX News or consider it “faux” like so many liberal individuals, you need to watch and pay close attention to this. Our very sovereignty and freedom is at stake. This is not a issue of just a few poor illegals. They admit on film they send their money back to their own country and take jobs from Americans. You need to realize this is a whole lot more than just the 2000 children they catch out of 6000 individuals every day. Where do you think the other 4000 with connections to CAIR, LaRaza, the Cartels, and so many others go?