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Thread: Does Rep. Ted Poe support illegal alien amnesty?

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    Does Rep. Ted Poe support illegal alien amnesty?

    Liz Theiss

    Does Rep. Ted Poe support language, culture, borders? Is he pro-sovereignty? Does he believe in protecting American jobs or prefer a free trade zone without limits and protections for American labor? Is this a net gain for America's middle-class?

    Below we have attached a synopsis of a speech Rep. Ted Poe gave in late May before the Houston Area Pastors Council. Many that were on that panel support the aims of business and free trade agenda with regard to importing low and high end workers from foreign third world countries.

    Have you considered how this will affect your children twenty years down the road? Who benefits from this economic model? Take a look at the video and my notes that are attached.

    Please make sure to watch your representatives very closely at this time. Pose exacting questions when calling their offices and attend town halls. They are planning on passing some type of immigration bill late this year and enforcement of our laws is not the mission.

    Long May We Wave,
    Liz Theiss
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    Congressman Poe speaks to Houston Area Pastors Council- May 31, 2013 Houston,TX.

    Border security separate issue. Cartels move around human trafficking rising, etc...must be dealt with separately. Different bills....

    Working on equipment from Iraq to be used on border

    Must deal with workers...Border Patrol cannot distinguish between migrant workers or dangerous elements affiliated with cartels...
    " We want them ( Border Patrol) to be able to know that the people they see sneaking across the border are the bad guys, the drug cartels. Because we want those workers to go across bridges instead of across the brush. So we fix that issue as well"
    The reason he wants to address "guest workers" as a separate component so they can muscle in on the bad guys.

    Used to think that an American would take any job if he or she was out of work especially one with a family..."just not true"

    Lot of reasons it's not true...they don't take those jobs.

    WHY? Relates his experience on immigration sub-committee
    A) they have other options
    B) brought in employers to hear what the real world is like. Brought in a peach farmer from Georgia he needed 2000 peach pickers took in 496 Americans according to law.toward end of season he was down to three American workers.this problem is not confined to agriculture but also roofing, restaurant, construction business.These businesses need more help because they can't get Americans to take these jobs.

    On the other end, they have trouble getting enough Americans in the tech industry.Can't get enough people in high tech industry.This effects the economy when you can't your product to we get workers visas for six years, train them, etc...then they return home and compete with the USA.system requires them to leave instead of remaining here, paying taxes and contributing to the economy.

    "We need workers on both ends of the scale."

    Issue comes up:
    "well how many do we need? Well we need as many as we need."
    " those numbers that they talk about in the senate they can be filled in the first month of a year."

    Numbers aren't sufficient...end up in shadow economy again.

    Philosophy must be market-based must move forward with this.

    Bills will be vetted in committees and we may not see a bill until early next year. (Poe is on Judiciary committee).

    Several bills instead of one large bill has a greater chance of passing.

    Have one bio-metric system that works instead of multiple agency.advocates a

    "slide and glide" readable system for easy entry checks.

    Have no real interior enforcement sixty percent never left when they were supposed to "why would you leave Texas?"
    Interior enforcement best dealt with in a uniform biometric card.

    His congressional offices deal with immigration more than any other issue..."SYSTEM IS JUST BROKEN." Across the board.
    help people deal with trying to get into the us...even for a wedding. System too complicated...hard to get in even for a visit...

    More high-skilled visas
    Seek out real criminals not people who are here to work.
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    Ted Poe has completely turned over from an immigration law enforcer to a pro amnesty sellout. Just look at how he is appeasing this pro amnesty group in the video above. His own words make it clear that he has joined the unlimited foreign labor and open borders crowd!

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