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Thread: Is Donald Trump’s Latest Mind-Blowing “Mexican” Accusation True? Yes, and I Can Prove

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    Is Donald Trump’s Latest Mind-Blowing “Mexican” Accusation True? Yes, and I Can Prove

    Is Donald Trump’s Latest Mind-Blowing “Mexican” Accusation True? Yes, and I Can Prove It!

    June 26, 2016


    Yesterday Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump leveled what many consider another outrageous and unsubstantiated accusation about our Mexican border problem…
    “Obama has blocked ICE [Immigration & Customs Enforcement] officers and BP [Border Patrol] from doing their jobs. That ends when I am President!”
    The immediate blowback from Obama defenders was as ferocious as expected…

    • “LIE!” – ‏@snickerfritz04
    • “No, he has not. You’re a buffoon, an ignoramus, an embarrassment.” – @RiskyLiberal
    • “Citations, please.” – @FrankLynchBkln

    Gladly, Frank…

    First, in applauding the Supreme Court’s United States v. Texas decision last week, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions explained that the case wasn’t just about striking down Obama’s “executive amnesty.” It was also about the administration’s order that federal immigration officers effectively “stand down” in the fight against illegal cross-border immigration…

    “In November of 2014, the Obama Administration announced to the world that it was going on strike. It would cease enforcing immigration law. Under the guise of exercising prosecutorial discretion, it explicitly directed law enforcement officers not to enforce the law…”

    Of course, Obama’s apologists and defenders will say that’s just the “opinion of a partisan politician.”

    OK, fine. But having recently returned from personally visiting the border in Texas, I can tell you both Sen. Sessions and Mr. Trump are absolutely, positively 100% correct.

    In fact, our campaign has produced an explosive, eye-opening new video titled “Almost America” that we shot with Hudspeth County (Texas) Sheriff Arvin West a couple weeks ago which PROVES it.

    I was going to hold onto this video until after Independence Day – the American one, not this week’s British one – but under the circumstances I’ve asked my team to finish up the editing today and we’ll be releasing it tomorrow.
    And for those who claim Mr. Trump and Sen. Sessions are “lying” about this, you might want to grab a little ketchup to eat with your crow.

    That includes you, Congressman Ryan.
    Stay tuned, friends…

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