Donald Trump, Jr. Says President Trump Would ‘Get The Wall Started’ in The First 100 Days

8 Feb 2016

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. asserts that if elected president, his father would begin the process of building a wall on the Southern U.S. border in his first 100 days in office.

Trump joined Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon at the famous Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire during the third hour of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM Patriot 125. Bannon asked Trump what the two or three things that his father would prioritize his first 100 days in office if elected president.

“A big part of that is going to be cutting the waste. Cutting bureaucracy and that nonsense. Starting to work on actually balancing a budget. Really dealing with the immigration issue, getting the wall started –”

“Getting the wall started in the first hundred days?” Bannon asked.

“I would say the process of that would start in the first hundred days,” Trump said.

“You’re saying when it comes to the wall, you’re seeing the initiation as the legislation, the financing of that, in the first hundred days,” Bannon said.

“A hundred percent. Listen, it’s not just about the wall and immigration, right? It’s about drug trade, it’s about the issues you’re facing here –” Trump said.

“The cartels,” Bannon added, mentioning the heroin epidemic. “You’re saying it’s inextricably linked to our open borders.”

“With no question!” Trump said.

"By the way, there’s no one in law enforcement — the guys you know, we know people on the border, right? I’ve seen them, I know those guys because I’m a shooter and a competitive shooter. I hang out with those guys in their free time. They can’t talk on the record because they’ll lose their jobs, because that’s the pressure they’ve gotten. But I can’t tell you the number of guys that talk to me about the real problems, and I see them. Our friends, they found ten thousand backpacks on their ranches from people walking through."

“You guys can’t even go down to hunt on those ranches with the coyotes going through, and the backpacks, and the kids,” Bannon said.

“One friend’s ranch, they found 18 dead bodies on there last year from people going through there,” Trump said. “It’s a really sad state… It’s really terrible to see,” adding that he tells his father about the carnage taking place in what was once the safe and beautiful Rio Grande Valley thanks to non-stop waves of mass migration from the Third World, welcomed by the Obama administration and open borders syndicate.

(can listen to the interview at the source link)