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Thread: Don't the the UN take over the internet, UN may charge forums members to have account

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    Don't the the UN take over the internet, UN may charge forums members to have account

    The UN is in a 14 day conference in regards to regulating the internet including such things as Free Speech, IP Registry for all computers to know who you are and where you live and force not only people to pay for any account such as e-mail services or just registering to join ALIPAC but will force your name and address any time you post a comment and could even force shut downs of sites like ALIPAC or even sites against Gay Marriage or whatever because there is a proposal among 900 others to label sites like this HATE sites and under World Governments this website who protest and informs peacefully protests against illegal immigration could be shut down, PEACEFUL OR NOT:

    Please read these links:


    Americans must stop U.N. from Net control

    BBC News - UN internet regulation treaty talks begin in Dubai


    United Nations Trying To Control Internet - YouTube

    ITU UN Treaty "Internet Censorship" Meeting (Dubai) 12/3/12 (December) "free and open internet" - YouTube

    World News - Growing concerns of possible UN control over the Internet - YouTube

    Please contact your Senators at Representatives at 2022243121 and please sign this petition below from Freedomworks and Google to keep the internet free:

    Stop the Internet Coup - don't give dictators power over the Net

    Stop UN Control Of The Internet! |

    I should mention as well especially with the GOP in the Senate selling out on illegal immigration that ALIPAC's e-mail under this UN Internet Treaty will be considered SPAM and not be able to get into your e-mail inboxes should this UN internet Treaty take place. Don't let it happen, Contact your Senators and Congressman and tell them "NO" to UN Regulations on the internet. Don't let the UN take control of the internet. President Obama may claim he is against the UN Regulations, but DO NOT be fooled, President Obama's Secretary Of Defense Leon Penetta has already stated to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions that the UN and the international community GIVES THE ORDERS to America.

    Please Watch Video:

    Please Read:

    Obama regime to Congress: We'll tell you what we're doing with military force - Spokane Conservative |

    Again I urge you all to sign the petition and make that call to your officials to stop the UN from taking control of the Net.

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    Thank you for being on guard to protect our freedoms at ALIPAC and of all Americans Sorg127

    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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